Friday, April 28, 2006


When I was a little girl, me and my sisters played Charlie's Angels. My big sister always got to by Sabrina (Kate) and I was usually Jacqeline and my baby sister was Farrah. Imagine 3 little girls with black eyes and long plumbline straight hair, all flouncing around in their brown crimpoline flares. Ahh--the 70's. Gotta love 'em. And our boyfriends were Starsky and Hutch. I got the left overs--usually Starsky, until my sister matured. I was happy with either and looking at them now I think I had pretty good taste :) .

But just look at photos of the angels... where did I learn my values? I'm not a feminist, I'm believe in equality. But whoever put those poor women in that pose and outfits should be shot. Just so you know ;-)


  1. I loved Starsky and Hutch & Charlie's Angels! They really did have some great shows in the 70's.

    CSI-NY was terrific Wednesday night, I hope you got to see it!

  2. Starsky & Hutch just haven't dated at all, have they? Well, apart from Starsky's cardigan.

    I've tagged you by the way.

  3. We have a Starsky & Hutch video game and Starsky wears the cardigan in it.

    I didn't watch the Angels much, but I did have Farah hair. When my son was a baby, we'd watch the old reruns on cable. He loved Chris.

  4. LOL at the Farah hair, rene. That sure brings back memories of the old curling iron!!

    I loved the Angels, but I think my heroine of the day was the Bionic Woman ... her hairdo was easier ;)

  5. Bionic man and Bionic woman - now you're talking. The A Team are making a come back too, but they were a bit later.

  6. I was a bit too young for the Angels, but adored the Bionic Man and the Bionic Woman. And the Incredible Hulk, too. And Little House on the Prairie and Grizzly Adams. All great shows. :)

  7. Wonder Woman! Don't forget Wonder Woman!

  8. OMG, who could forget Wonder Woman!!! Wasn't she (LOL, I mean the actress) originally from S. Africa?
    And if we're talking a little later, like 1980 or so, how about Cagney and Lacey?? Now there were two strong and down-to-earth women! Loved them.

  9. Susan--I did and it was :D
    Diane--ohh--I'll have to check it out. Haven't checked anybodies blog yet except Eve I think. I had the digital phone guy here, then my friend and her kids, who's coming bac once she's dropped the kids at school so I'll be hamstringed till later. But it is good to have friends LOL.

    Rene--I couldn't remember Chris' name. I kept thinking Jill but knew that was the sister, Chris Monroe. ?? that right?

    Loreth, Deb, Meretta--how could I exclude Lindsay Wagner LOL. And Lee Majors. Great role models. I loved that noise they made when they were doing something bionic. Can anybody describe that sound??

    Well, if we are moving into the 80s! I was going to have a blog spot with just Cagney or Lacey? I always wanted to be Cagney, but knew deep down I was a Lacey :(

    I love it when a plan comes together :)

  10. Ooh. Describe the sound. That's tough. eh eh eh eh? (but not the Canadian way!)

  11. Well, except for Cagney and Lacey and Grizzly Adams - I watched all of these. Then there was Mark Shera and Robert Urich on S.W.A.T. - and later Urich on Vega$ The Hardy Boys, Richard Hatch on Battlestar Galactica, I could go on and on, which is surprising that I haven't.

    Glad you got your priorities right and at least got to my blog this morning. *gg*

    Oh, and Toni - get over to Romancing the Blog.

  12. My dad was watching Dallas, Dynasty and Knots Landing so since we only had one tv that's what I ended up watching. I think part of the reason I was watching Judging Amy was because Lacey(she was the dark haired one, right) played the part of Amy's mother.

    Did you catch ER last night. I was kind of disappointed in a lack of reaction from Carter about the news of Abby, Luka and the baby.

  13. I barely remember watching Charlie's Angels. I don't know if I ever watched Starsky and Hutch, either.

  14. Melissa, you're showing your age :)

    Christa--I thought Carter was with that girl Kem?

    Eve, I will, just need to check Diane's first.

  15. Susie6:08 pm

    I'm sneaking over from Eve's. Shee, don't tell her. *gg*

    I just finsihed "Her Sanctuary" and loved it! It reminded me that I LOVE suspence/thrillers, and a hot romance doesn't doesn't hurt either.

    What's next?

  16. Susie!!! Thank you so much :D That is so nice and so good to hear!

    I'm working on Storm Warning right now. A Scottish contemporary with ghosts and drug dealers. Almost done. Almost almost almost.

    After that I have 3 options.
    A Presents that I started for fun and have already written the first 3 chapts.

    Another RS based in Labrador using nickel mining and environmentalists as the backdrop.

    Marsh and Josie's story from Her Sanctuary.

    OR--4, not ready for this yet, a romantic murder mystery which I have high hopes for.

    What do you think?

  17. I know! Isn't it ridiculous what we accepted as normal in the old days? I had such a crush on all of the angels however, but sorry, I didn't have much for Starsky or Hutch.

  18. Yeah. Shot. It's true!

  19. I used to watch Charlies Angels, and have enjoyed them in sindication. Am I the only one who liked CHIPS?

  20. Brandy I'd forgotten CHiPs. No I liked them too :) And KnightRider LOL

  21. Kelly was my favourite angel. I wanted to be her. So classy and smart and pretty.

  22. Susie--do you mind if I quote you LOL????

  23. Feel free to use my comments about "Her Sanctuary" anyway you like.

    Marsh and Josie...I see a lot of potential there...Happy writing!

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