Sunday, April 30, 2006


As of today we Andersons are Permanent Residents of Canada. Yeay!!! We had to leave the country (thankfully only a hours drive due south) and re-enter Canada. All the while I was thinking 'What if they don't let us in? The dogs will starve.' Anyway it wasn't a problem.

The drive down was pretty dull (flat prairie with no crops out yet), except for the Red River. The US road only re-opened on Friday because the river had flooded near Morris. At one point the Red was 15 km wide and this year reached its 5th highest level EVER. Winnipeg wasn't affected because after a massive flood in the 50s, they constructed a floodway around the city.

Floodway fact...
• One hundred million cubic yards of earth were moved to build the Winnipeg Floodway. This is more than were excavated during the construction of the Panama or Suez Canals.

Looking at the flooded regions south of here (most towns and houses are now surrounded by ring dykes) these efforts are well worth it.
Thanks guys--keep digging :)

PS. Above is a cemetery--yikes.


  1. They made you leave the country?? Weird. But congrats. Canada is the best country to live (can you tell I'm a little bias?).

  2. Congratulations! But Bebo and I want to know why you had to leave the country?

  3. Hah ... does this make the Anderson's legal now?? Congrats!

    Horrors at the notion of not being let back in, though. Wonder if they'd have allowed you to blog from the holding cell :)?

  4. LOL--I don't know why you have to do that 'leave the country' bit. But imagine if you lived MILES from the border? It is a pain, because all it is, is immigration stamping your passport visa-thingy.

    I love Canada--but ask me again when the bugs come out :O

    Yeay!! The Andersons are all legal now. Well--we were legal before but now we can't be got rid of easily :) The bad news? I can't stand for office, dagnamit!

  5. Congratulations Canadian! The leaving the country bit IS strange though.

  6. So does that theoretically mean that DS & DD can play sports for England, Ireland, Scotland and Canada now?

  7. Congratulations on your residency. I think my brother had to go to New York State, but as they lived in Toronto at the time, they were close to the border too.

  8. Deb--yes :) We're collecting countries :D

    Diame--it is what you have to do. Must be a reason for it--maybe catching people they want to chuck out??

  9. Congratulations on being official Andersons!

  10. Congratulations! You're official now!

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