Thursday, April 13, 2006

CSI--who's your favourite?

When CSI first started I didn't think they'd ever improve the package, but I was wrong. Although I am very fond of Gil I absolutely love Gary Sinise and David Caruso.

I had a massive crush on David Caruso when he was in NYPD Blue and was devastated when he left. I know Jimmy Smits was a fabulous replacement, but it wasn't the same.

I love the glamour and bright, hot feel to CSI Miami. And the cast is good, although that blonde woman's voice... and then the ME always processes the crime scenes in her high heels (my DH is always moaning about that and now it is starting to bug me too). And these guys often have the best crime plots, because they are not 100 % obvious from the get go.

But my favourite, my absolute favourite CSI is CSI NY. Part of it is the city itself. I mean who can resist the seedy streets of New York?

But mainly it is the cast. Gary Sinise plays a wonderfully controlled and contained leading man. Mac Taylor lost his wife in the 9/11 terrorist attacks and if that isn't giving a character a wonderful backstory I don't know what is (I'm not reducing terrorist attacks to fiction fodder BTW, but fiction reflects life for authenticity). Then there is Stella, my favourite female character in all the CSIs, and Danny--who's cool and Montana--who's refreshing. But the all-star pick of the whole CSI gang has to be Eddie Cahill. You can decide why :)


  1. PS. Whoever is in the Atlantic on my cluster map--I hope it is a beautiful island or lovely yacht!!!!!

  2. Love the maps. Something new to obsess about...who's lurking! :)

    My favorite is CSI Miami. Have to admit, NY doesn't grab me like the others do, but I watch it occasionally.

    DH and I are always complaining the CSIs process crimescenes in the dark with just their flashlights way too often...uhhh, did someone want to flip the lightswitch? I know it's for effect (as are the high heels ;) but after awhile, it's just annoying.

  3. LOL, Meretta ... I can't watch CSI without thinking someone get the d*****n lights, already!! Its a tad overdone, methinks. I used to be a die-hard CSI fan but I find I'm losing interest these days and am not sure I can pinpoint why.

    My favorite lead character has always been Gil. Loved Caruso in Proof of Life -- not so much in CSI (have I got that move title right?)

    Right now I'm a LOST groupie. Adore that show. Love the writing, the characters, the mystery, the human interest ... love it all!! I'm also a West Wing junkie G. And that whacky Boston Legal still has an evil way of sucking me in ....


  4. I watch CSI and CSI NY. I do like Gil and Mac but I think it's the secondary characters that do it for me like Nick on CSI(what is up with his hair this season) and Danny on CSI NY.
    From what I hear they might be putting another CSI together set in LA.

  5. I too love the CSI shows! I used to watch Melina Kanakaredes who plays Stella on the soap opera Guiding Light.

    My mom is always asking why don't they just turn on the lights instead of using flashlights all the time. Picky picky!LOL

    I haven't figured out how to work the map to put a dot on Pennsylvania yet. Maybe I'm just inept!

  6. LOL--Christa, what HAVE they done to Nick?? I think I commented before he looks like a gay porn star this season or a real nerd. And he's SO handsome!!!
    Susan--I thought I had Pennsylivania (sp) on the map??????

  7. I watched CSI NY last night. I think they are trying to get a love match between Danny and that other CSIer from Montana(can't remember her name) In one episode he was all impressed with her cause she had no problem eating deep fried wierd thing(yuck) and last night's episode he was all impressed about how much she knew about football.
    I can watch CSI anytime, all the time when I'm at my sister's. She has pretty much all the episodes from all three.(especially now that ER is repeats. I want to see Carter's reaction to Luka and Abby)

  8. Carter? Reaction? Have I missed something????

  9. Gil can come process me any time he'd like ;-)

    I love Gary Sinise and I gave NY a try but just can't get into it - although Eddie Cahill is quite the cutie too.

    And has anyone noticed that Greg is getting a bit "cute" these days - or is it just me?

    I watch Miami when I think about it. I did read in an interview back when the show came out that the ME wears heels because she is based on a real ME who wears heels while processing bodies. The real ME is short and never wears anything but heels.

  10. Carter's reaction? AAAHHHH! Christa what are you talking about? ER wasn't on last week for me -- they'd better have not moved it to some night where I missed something important. AAAAHHH!

    And Nick just looks goofy. What are they thinking?

  11. Nope they haven't shown Carter's reaction yet because he doesn't known but it will be only a matter of time.

  12. Well I'm short (ish) and I don't wear high heels--EVER!!! LOL.

  13. Hi my name is Dennie and I have never watched CSI - I know, I know, I am weird...

  14. acually Dennie, I didn't watch it either until about halfway through last year.

  15. I'm only a fan of the original CSI. Nick is cute, but my fav is Gil. Though was slightly turned off when they began the romance-sort of-with the dark-haired girl. Can't remember her name.

  16. Wow--I don't know how you can avoid watching it :) It is always on!!

    Peggy--I missed the romance. I go through huge chunks of time without seeing any TV and then I get a break. Must catch up soon!!