Friday, April 07, 2006

Dan Brown

Dan Brown won his court case in the UK. Thank goodness. The precedent that would have been set had he lost is mind boggling. To me it was a bit like using any historical figure in a story if somebody had written a biography about them. If you use that biographical information to try and provide some accuracy to your character (without tracking down and reading first hand historical documents) then are you copying? Seems crazy to fiction writers because we make this stuff up!! Readers like authentic detail, and conspiracy theories and history make great fodder for fiction writers--BUT we still MAKE IT UP!!!!

From the BBC
A novelist must be free to "draw appropriately" from historical works without facing a court and having his integrity called into question, he said.

"After devoting so much time and energy to this case, I'm eager to get back to writing my new novel."

Random House chief executive Gail Rebuck welcomed the judgement, saying: "We are pleased that justice - and common sense - have prevailed.

"It is highly unusual and very sad that these authors chose to sue their publishers, especially after 20 successful years."

The verdict was "very important for the future of creative writing in the UK", she added.


  1. DH is a huge history buff, especially things related to the Knights Templar, Jesus & Mary Magdalene and he *really* enjoyed the Da Vinci Code. Honestly, I haven't read it. But I do believe it was one of about 5 fiction books I've seen DH read in about 15 years 'cause his nose is always stuck into something non-fiction. I definitely want to see the movie, but will have to read the book first. I understand it's excellent. ;)

  2. I like the book from a puzzle solving interest poit of view. Characterization wasn't great. I enjoyed it and DH really enjoyed it too. thinking man's fiction :)

  3. I couldn't understand how they thought they could copyright an idea - then nothing more would be able to be written. Sheesh. Haven't read it, really don't - but Bebo did so we'll probably see the movie.

  4. I think the HBHG authors were looking to cash in on the success of Brown, especially now that the movie is coming out and there are even more dollars to be had. It's unfortunate, but greed and jealousy are powerful motivators.

  5. I'm sure they were cashing in, but they were downright rude about his work too.

    They were mean and petty. Glad they have to pay something like 80% of the court costs.