Monday, April 24, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Janny!!
21 again????

Today is going to be a boring catch up with chores day. Cleaning, vacuuming, walking the poor dog who is having a breakdown. I have one Kiss of Death committment to handle and then tonight I am editing. I gave myself a deadline of the end of April to get Storm Warning out the door, but it isn't looking good. I'm blaming DH as he's been working weekends etc, but maybe it was just an unrealistic target. I think I'll get the editing done, but not the synopsis.

I hope...


  1. Synopsis!?? ACK! I knew TRAIL was missing something. ;) Actually, I have a short, but not a long. Will have to work on that.

    Good luck with STORM WARNING, Toni! Keep at it. :)

  2. And I forgot to say Happy Birthday to the young pup! She's lovely. :)

  3. Happy Birthday Janny!

    I think its probably both. Writers tend to set unrealistic deadlines (although yours wasn't that out of the realm of possibility) and DH being gone weekends. It has to be hard to write with the kids around.

  4. LOL--sorry Janny is my s-i-l not a pup! That's Ben. My crazy neurotic dog who needs therapy if I leave him for more than an hour a day!!!

    I have syns but they need reworking :( Hate that!

    The deadline was doable, but things just haven't gone my way (i.e. I've had no help with the kids for a couple of weeks. Not just DH, but friends who sometimes take the eldest when the youngest is in daycare have all been busy recently. That's life :))

  5. LOL ... I was just about to say happy birthday to the hound, too. Oops. Happy Birthday Janny.

    And those synopses take me FOREVER. I am convinced, the shorter the piece you need to write, the longer it takes. Take a teensy poem, for example. Some Murphy's rule thing happening there...


  6. Good luch with the editing :)

  7. Kendra, those are quite the abs you have. Working out much? ;)

    And Happy Birthday Janny.

    But still a hug to neurotic Benn the newly appointed shoe chewer.

  8. Aaawwww, Ben is cute! Happy birthday to your SIL, Janny!
    KNow what it's like to have NO help. Sorry to hear about that.

  9. Kendra is on a diet and working out! My crazy dog got his walk so he's better for now.

    DH still stressing with much to do :( Oh the life of a lecturer!

    And the syn is on the horizon Loreth--although you can't be bad at it, considering....

  10. deadlines - argh - I like to put wheels on mine - that way I can roll them where ever I need 'em to go!