Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hard week

Well so far it has been a hard week. However, people all around me (friends of friends) are dying of cancer with 2 weeks notice, so I won't feel too sorry for myself.

Took my son to the pediatrician yesterday. MD said, "I can give you some antibiotics for his finger, but I can't do anything for his behaviour." Hmm. Well the wee horror did wipe his muddy wellies all over the man's highly polished black shoes and try to wreck his blinds while he was on the phone, so... oh well. I suffer, what can I say?

I have been working on a new blog skin, but can't work out how to get images, like weather, maps, photos, into the side bar. Anybody know? It is in my dashboard as Romance Writing Mom*** if anybody wants to comment/help. :D Please...

Writing-wise I am editing hardcopy of Storm Warning and liking the front end of the story. We'll see how it feels when I get to the second half of the book which is where I really reworked it. After that I have to syn. Can't wait :)


  1. Toni if you tell me exactly what you want to put in the sidebar, I'm sure I can help you :)

    You can always email me at too and I can help you through there :)

  2. um... from Texas here - what's muddied wellies - I can guess but....

  3. Susan8:58 am

    Some of the pluses about the Dr. making house calls is no interruptions of phone calls and he has to wipe his feet!

    Good luck with your editing. :)

  4. Doctors still make housecalls? Really?

    I'd offer to help, but it might be the blind leading the blind and besides, you've got Sandra on board and she looks like she's very competent. Good luck!

    And yes, the cancer crisis is not good, but there are positives to be taken from it, so that is what we must do.

  5. Sandra--thank you. I'll be in touch.

    Dennie--redefining my childhood here. Rubber boots. And why can I say rubbber boots but not rubbers (which where I come from are erazers?)

    Susan, it sounds like a lovely place to live. My doctor wants to buy a house in my neighborhood but claims he can't afford it? He and his wife are both full time pediatricians? Hmm. Strange, me being so rich an'all.

    (((Meretta))) I wasn't thinking when I posted that. I wasn't even referring to anybody online. These are all friends of DD's classmates' moms. Very sad. Makes me want to get my will sorted and leave my overdraft to someone deserving.

  6. I knew what muddied wellies were (yay for me) and isn't rubber also another name for a round of a card game or something like that?

    When people that young get ill it makes you think about your own mortality. I keep saying I'm going to get a will together, but I never do.

  7. Oh, this is awful, but I'm so glad my little monster isn't the only one who embarrasses his mother in public.

  8. sooooo not what I thought so I am glad I kept that to myself! LOL!