Monday, April 10, 2006

Kathy The Great

I have the best critique partners in the world. I've mentioned Kendra, a woman of huge energy, versatility and talent, but I haven't mentioned my unpublished CP, Kathy Altman.

Kathy is a wonderfully supportive and dare-I-say-it loving lady. She's yet to be published though I'm hoping that all changes soon. Anyway, on Saturday I had to go and get a parcel from the post office. Luckily I'd taken the stroller (more for DS restraining purposes than anything) and I was given this MASSIVE box and when I opened it up at home--I found a huge basket of goodies from Harry and David!!!!! I'd never heard of them till last week and this week I am drooling over their chocolate coated cherries (and given Don't Look Down was released this week and my membership as a cherry bomber, it all seemed like a sign).

I ate salmon for dinner on Saturday night and chocolate truffles for breakfast yesterday. The tin it came in will double as a wonderful Easter basket (how could I have put so little thought into Easter?). So THANK YOU KATHY!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

And yes, incase you're wondering, I can be bought, but I'm not cheap :D


  1. hmmm...I'll keep that in mind, Toni. ;)

    And wow! Chocolate covered truffles! You can't get much better than that! Good job, Kathy.

    Are you saving some for your emergency bag, Toni?

  2. We have Harry and David here - great stuff.

    Thanks for the info - could come in handy.

  3. Oooh this looks strange now - I liked it with the comments down the side rather than above, sorry.

    Who are Harry and David? Are they related to Ben and Jerry?

  4. Deb--I had no idea what you meant for a second--I think I can fix this. But my blog has got fat LOL!! Dag namit!!!

  5. Taddah!!!! BTW Deb, I keep meaning to phone you. I will soon!!

    Meretta--ate all the truffles. No emergency chocltae but do have box of GG cookies :)

    Eve--I am jealous!!!!!

  6. Thanks mate - happy now!

    Phone me - are you preggers!!! ;-)

  7. OOOH... note to self - she can be bought - will keep this in mind for the future! LOL!

  8. I can see the whole screen without having to move the little bar thingy - yay!!!!

  9. Toni, we discovered Harry & David when we lived in California. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their stuff! They make a peach salsa I drool over! My Daughter loves their chocolate covered blueberries! The closest one to us now is a state over, boo! As for the great critique partner, yup, you lucked out!