Sunday, April 23, 2006

Loreth's new site

Silhouette Intimate Moments author Loreth Ann White has updated her website with information on her future books and a blog. She said to keep in mind it is a work-in-progress.

We got to know each other on eHarlequin, the writing site that connects many would-be H/S authors with the real thing. Then Loreth, Meretta and I shared a room in Reno at last year's RWA National conference. What a lucky break to find two of the most wonderful people in writing, both of whom are so compatible with my ideals and outlook. And both of whom put up with me!!!

Loreth is a really, really lovely person and has had such an interesting life trip (so far so good). Unfortunately, she suffers from being tall, slim and gorgeous--seriously at 5'1" I should hate her--but I can't :)


  1. Ah, Toni, you're not hard to put up with at all. On the contrary, you're a great writing friend and comrade. :D

    And we did have a great time in Reno, didn't we? Lucky break indeed to find such compatible roommates, though it was hard to sleep with Loreth sneaking in each night after 9 p.m. ;)

    And Loreth's new website is as lovely as she is. Warm, personable, witty and intelligent. And of course, gorgeous, just like you said.

    Everyone, go see!

  2. Guys you make me blush, for goodness sakes!!!!

    Watch -- I'll get you both back ... in good time.

    And I'm not even going to get started on your sleeping habits :) :)


  3. I'll definitely go have a look see - anyone that nice to my FBA has to be a good person. And if Meretta likes ya, then that's an added bonus.

  4. Wow--who to be nice to first :)

    Eve, thank you sweety!

    Loreth and Meretta--I really think somethings were meant to be--we three being one of them.

  5. The website looks great! (And the Shadow Warriors - ooh I'm gonna have to watch for those!)

    I peaked at the pics - I saw you Toni - you going to Atlanta?

  6. okay see - I was about to get in the shower when I realized it was Shadow Soldiers - sheesh - my coffee hasn't kicked in yet...

  7. Dennie--alas no :( Are you going??

  8. What a great site! How could I not like it when we seem to share the same reading material. :)

    The Shadow Soldiers trilogy sounds great.

    Nice picture too! ;)

  9. Yeppa - Sandy J and I booked our room and tix and fees! I am so excited (not to mention dad is gonna be out of town 6 weeks between now and then and I will be so ready to go by then!)

  10. Susan--isn't it!
    Dennie--6 weeks?? OMG! DH is away for another week soon and hasn't told me about anything else yet. It is hard work when they're away!!

  11. Thanks for stopping by, and for the comments :). See why I love Toni? (even after she put up that stuck-grin photo of me??)

    Wish I was going to Atlanta. I'll just have to sit tight untill Dallas (hmmn, cowboys ...oil baraons ...)



  12. & Eve :)

    Loreth--I know you look like you're falling over, but I thought it was a lovely picture (apologies to Pat White whom I cropped!!)

    I have just spent the day helping host a Scottish day on the Trisk loops. So now I am done. Need to tidy up the garden (before it rains) and bath kids and get them in bed and then it is feet up and relax. No editing for 3 whole days! So hard!!!! Oh well, when the other half works all weekend what can you do? We have to compromise and shift gears and do our best :)

  13. I want to go to Dallas, too! But then it's always so hot. sigh. What can you do when your skin color can only be described as "fish belly white"? ;)

  14. I'd love to go to Dallas! Maybe if those dreams come true :)

  15. Meretta - my fish belly white skin does well here.

    Oh please, oh please, oh please come here. I'll start a "get Toni and Meretta to Dallas fund"?

    Yes Loreth - think Cowboys.

    Although I don't belong to RWA I can come to the free author book night. I've even considered just booking a room for the event in order to hang out. Planning on begging the family for a break. (I haven't had one in 6 years)

  16. Eve that is a LONG time. You deserve a break!!! There is author night--maybe Jill would need a PA during the publishing house signings too????

  17. That's why I'll need my friends there - I think I could possibly get there by taxi (the agoraphobia will not allow me to drive there), but walking into a strange place full of strangers? Um, noooooo.

  18. I'm trying to post but blogger is being a bugger. Just so you know I haven't forgotten :)

    Eve--there will be people you know there! There will!!

  19. Eve -- I feel for you. We'll hold your hand. Promise!

    Meretta -- think porcelain, think cream and peaches, think English rose. Think about how nice you're going to look when you're 80!! Not like us folk from sun ravaged countries *vbg*

    So cowboys and Dallas it is!! Come on ladies, we've got to take charge here .... * Loreth goes off humming cowboy tune *

  20. Hmmm. I could go for a cowboy... as my first story proves :D I'll aim for it ;-]