Wednesday, April 12, 2006


My DH just got back from the UK. He bought me a present. Two mugs. One says
glaikit and the other says eejit.

Which one am I???

glaikit--dialect, chiefly Scot.
1. stupid; senseless, silly (often in 'he stood there wi' a glaikit look oan his fizzog')
2. giddy, thoughtless.
3. affected
4. petty

eejit--dialect, chiefly Scot.
1. idiot, simpleton, one not possessed of all their mental faculties; one who is unable to properly conduct their own affairs (as in "Yer aff yer heid, ya eejit. That's no real dug").
[see also bawheid, dunderheid]


  1. Toni
    I had absolutely nothing to do with his choice of MUG,
    By the way I am really enjoying the book

  2. Your DH must be a brave man!LOL

  3. Pop, I'm glad to hear it. And thank you for the compliment on the book :)

    Susan--brave or ??? LOL

  4. This is a landmine, Toni! One which we must tread carefully upon.

    Actually, I know it's all in good fun and that neither you or DH are either. Will keep those words in my mind though. They might come in useful sometime soon. ;)

  5. Ah, isn't that sweet? And what did you give him in return?

  6. Oh, gifts! I used to love it when my grandparents went on vacation. They'd always bring us back wonderful stuff.

  7. Och ya DH wiz only bein guid adding te ye auld yins! I like 'driech' - good descriptive word for a wet day or 'gey driech' for very wet...

    Visited a wacky website today which is a great topic for conversation... it's called PIMPMYSNACK and (homemade) upsizes choc bars to mammath proportions! Imagine a Wagonwheel the size of a dinner plate, a creme egg the size of a Ostriche egg.... We added a Jelly Baby the size of a real baby, a Walnut Whip the size of a traffic cone, a Malteser like a football, a Curly Wurlie like a ladder... the list is endless. Love it.

    Thank you for DS's birthday card from your two, it's lovely. The mystery is now solved on how it got to us with a British stamp on it... Canonbie is spelt like this thou!!!!! xxxxx

  8. Well DH isn't a good speller :D

    Must try out the website :D

  9. YAY! Gift! Good DH...good boy!

  10. At least he brought you something?

    You couldn't possibly be a glaikit because you're not thoughtless and petty.

  11. LOL, hope there was some real sweet cholocate to go along and soften up those mugs.

  12. Thanks DD for my card, it is pride of place on the mantlepiece. Thanks also for alerting us to the bike and hike challenge, just to let every-one know Mike assures me has allocated me the good times which will make up for the blueberries! I hope he is training hard

  13. hmmm... not sure how to comment here - LOL

  14. LOL--he did give me his Lindor chocloate he'd been given when he was bumped up to 1st class. Hard life huh?

    He did buy me 24 packets of Cheese and Onion Walkers crisps, so all is forgiven :)

  15. PS. Karen--THANKS. Mike needs support. He's doing a good thing for cancer charity and I had assumed DH took care of him in the UK, but judging from the email from the in laws this morning maybe not LOL.