Monday, April 03, 2006


Ok--I'm about to have a moan! I am so tired!! Dh is away and I am supposedly in charge.

However, my three year old just will not do as he is told. The only way I can get him to even listen is by saying things full volume in his face--and then he cries :( So this afternoon I lost it. I told them mom was leaving home, she'd had enough. DS ignored me because I didn't scream this message--in fact I said it very quietly. But my daughter heard and said, 'but mommy, who will we get to reach all the high things?'

Nice to know you're wanted huh?? The woes and joys of motherhood!!! :)

I also blogged over on the Triskelion site today--my first time. Check it out here.

PS... Kendra did a great post on plotting/pantzing on her blog yesterday (and she talked about me LOL).


  1. Ah ha! The high things. Such honesty from the mouths of babes. I'm sure her meaning was "But we'd miss you!" and not just while you helped reach the high stuff.

    I take away toys/priveledges (or whatever else they dearly adore) and let them fit and fit and fit. When they're done and breathing again, we talk about good behviour vs. bad and how each gets a reaction, but bad behaviour is *never* rewarded with good consequences. Not saying we've been without trying times, but on the whole, they behave pretty well with this strategy. And that's what it's all about. Strategy...rolling with the dips and the punches. Constantly reassessing. Pondering. Calculating.

    Oh the joys of parenthood! Be glad you're blessed though. Even when they are wearing thin on your patience. The little mites are so precious!

    Best of Luck while DH is away!

  2. Ah being a parent is blissful isn't it? I'm sorry you're tired. I have 5 kids today and it's early morning and I already need a nap!

    Going to check out your Trisk blog entry.

  3. My saying was always "Mommy maid is off duty."

  4. We had a crisis this morning. My daughter had carefully colored and cut out a dragon. It ripped in two this morning. Wailing and big tears ensued. I promised to fix it when we got home.

    LOL on reaching the high stuff! Too cute!

  5. Sigh...that sounds like my house. The threes are so much tougher than the twos. The fours are great either. I'm not real happy with five. Six they seem to finally become human.

  6. Ahh.. I see everyone can relate :) Meretta I tried the removing stuff but he won't calm down enough to listen to the consequences. He seems to be rubbing his ear tonight so maybe he actually can't hear or has an infection. Sigh.

    Reene, I like six. Six can be both a pest and reasonable but I like it.

  7. Never a dull moment in mommy world!

    the DH is taking ALL FOUR BOYS camping Friday afternoon until Sunday - I've never been alone that long - I have NO clue what I'm gonna do!

  8. Well I just finished watching Supernanny, so I'm full of parenting ideas, except the cats won't cooperate. *gg*

  9. It takes a parent to understand the frustration you feel. I only get glimpses of it myself working away all day. I got a small dose of it this weekend by taking the kids both days all day. Kids get used to you and fall into routines that are hard to break.

  10. Dennie... Wow :D

    Eve--I love her. She just needs to stick around for a month

    Scott--patterns are so hard to break once they start. And when you are the primary caregiver it somehow feels like way too much pressure. My hubby is brillinat with the kids (and even he shouts), but I just wish I could be some wonderful wholesome mom who deals with things with grace.

    I'm not :/

  11. My two-year old is driving me to insanity as well. I swear my girls were better behaved. It's either a boy thing, or my age. I'm going with the boy thing. ;-/

  12. Sadly I can relate to it. Had the same conversation with mine a few weeks ago, but their only concern was "who is going to make us dinner?".
    The chef if me cheered wildly while the mommy quietly cried LOL