Saturday, April 08, 2006


My mother-in-law always says, 'what's for ye, won't go by ye.' I have found this to be very true in my life.

My primary ambition (in my five-year plan) was to be print published by a RWA recognized firm. Last November I'd become a little frustrated with placing my story 'Her Sanctuary' with either an agent or a New York editor. The feedback I was getting was they 'liked it' but thought it would be hard to catagorize (i.e. shelve in the bookstore). I have a good voice (they said), but 'it is a bit too dark for this type of romance'.

I didn't try masses of people in NY. I got so frustrated with the wait time, I decided to try the epublisher my CP Kendra had sold to.

Triskelion offered me a contract straight away. Which was great--but it wasn't the big bang for me--you know? I felt kind of in limbo because most people don't understand ebooks and it wasn't a score for my five-year-plan.

So then I find out they are becoming a print publisher and that my book is going to print in December 2006. Well, seriously, the thought of clutching my hard written words between my two mitts is a MASSIVE thrill, but it still wasn't that score in my self-imposed five-year-plan.

Except now... ladies and gentlemen, now Triskelion have earned RWA recognition and I am going to be published in print with an RWA recognized publisher. I can join PAN (Public Author Network in RWA), I can enter contests (OMG--I could enter the RITAs). I feel validated and vindicated--even though not a single word of my book has changed (except tiny edits). What I'm trying to say--so badly, is my rejected story from a year ago is now a success. I did everything backwards--no surprise believe me, you should see me on a horse! I had the most convoluted CALL ever. But now I feel I can really say--I'm an author.

(P.S. Working on point two of five-year-plan ;-)).


  1. Dear FBA,

    Have I told you lately how proud I am of you?

  2. What wonderful news!! Congrats, Toni! You must be over the moon.

  3. Great job, Toni. It's a great book and you deserve to hold it in your hands, as do your readers.

    You're going places, gal, BIG places!

  4. Thanks guys!! You're the best :)

  5. When I saw the announcement, you were the first person I thought of and how totally excited you must be. Aren't most things convoluted?

  6. Ye of little faith! Good things come to those who wait.... well done Petal!

  7. woohoo! I just heard yesterday at my chapter meeting - congrats for you - let's keep fingers crossed for Samhain!

  8. Rene--thanks!!

    Deb--well, I've never been good at waiting. :)

    Dennie--fingers crossed!!!

  9. How awesome, Toni! I heard that Triskelion had been accepted as an RWA publisher and you were the first person I thought about! Congrats!

  10. Ha! I didn't even read Rene's comment - oh well - great minds think alike!