Sunday, April 30, 2006

Six Weird Things About Me.

Diane tagged me.

1. I hate and loathe the use of the word 'drug' when people actually mean 'dragged'

2. If you spell something out to me verbally I still don't know what the word is until I write it down or I process it very slowly in my head. I cannot take spellings over the phone unless I have a pen in my hand. I figure there's a name for this, but weird fits.

3. I stop talking around 10 p.m. at night. My brain just switches off and I can't communicate anymore. BUT--I can't go to sleep until I know everyone in the house is tucked up in bed and sound asleep. It's a problem.

4. I'm short-sighted, but didn't get glasses until I was in university. I got through secondary school by copying off the person next to me. Given weird fact number 2, it is a wonder I ever got anywhere.

5. I'm Obsessive Compulsive with the kids' safety.

6. I'm a trained biologist, but I freak like a startled baby if I see insects or spiders in my space. I'm also scared of cows.

I'm tagging Loreth and Meretta and Kendra. Just because :)


  1. I can't do the spelling thing either. I have to ask people to give me the letters in small spurts of two or three letters. Yet, numbers? Easy as pie.

  2. Re: the spelling...I seem to note that you can spell things out loud for other people...F - A - R - M - B - O - Y - !

    I will to the end of my life laugh over you spelling that for me on the KOD tour in Reno.

    Cows, huh? Interesting.

  3. Peggy--glad it isn't just me!

    Meretta--please don't make me laugh--it's bad for my wrinkles!!

  4. I find nothing weird about any of this - unique fits best.

    I do #2 - it's part of my aphasia (sp?). I can't keep letters or numbers straight in my head.

    My mother is afraid of cows - it's a long story, I might blog about it sometime.

  5. Scared of cows? Okay .. we need to hear THIS story :)


  6. Item 2 - I'm the same way! I've never known anyone else with this malady. I am so visual that when I'm stuck for the spelling of a word, if I can visualize it in my head, I can figure out the spelling. Or, if someone asks me how to spell a word, I have to write it down before telling them the spelling. I have to be able, literary, to see the word.

  7. I suck at spelling ... I love my spellchecker! (and so does my editor)

  8. For me cows is just going for walks with my granny while picking blackberries and her being afraid to cross the fields unless the cows were miles away. Of course she was also terrified of lightning (as is my mom--phobic) and that doesn't bother me.

    I'd like to hear Eve's mom's story. Of course having a husband descended from diary farmers doesn't help. Visiting the family farm and he tells me not to worry about the ton and a half pedigree bull (I forget the name, French white ??) And we'll just walk through the field. Yeay Right!

    Susie--I though it was just me too--I'm also very visual. But that's 3 people here--so we could form a support group :D

    Jill--LOL. I can relate--to the spell check!!

  9. Laughing bad for the wrinkles? Really? That's what's wrong with me! And here I thought I was just getting old. ;)

  10. They're not called laugh lines for nothing. *gg*

  11. are a biologist but you freak and creepy crawlies, that's weird.

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