Saturday, April 15, 2006

So what did you get??

My DH was extra nice to me this Easter.

This is my flowerbed from last summer.

This is my ex flowerbed today.

He laid grass instead? I'm sure there is a word to express my gratitude, but for the life of me...?????


  1. Thoroughly impressed with the excerpt, Toni, and happy it all came together for you. Nice website, too. Hang in there.


  2. It depends on whether you liked the flowerbed or not? It's pretty, um, grass?

    My mother once asked my dad to cut back the climbing roses - he then proceeded to chop them down almost completely. She wasn't impressed

  3. Well thank you Josh--congratulations to you for selling your story too!! I love Russian stories too. And Alaska.

    Eve--I loved that flowerbed...but DH figured without it there the garage might drain better and therefore we might not need wellies everytime it so much as spits out of the sky!!!

    Fingers crossed it works :)

  4. Ummm well if it was MY flowerbed, DH would have been looking for somewhere to run away to, cause I would have been majorly peeved LOL

    Hope it works out LOL
    Those were beautiful flowers you had though :)

  5. What is it with men and shears? I asked my hubby to *trim* this lovely climbing bush we had at the base of our oak tree---and he removed the entire thing!

  6. Susan3:52 pm

    That was a beautiful flowerbed you had!

    There should be a law that men have to ask exactly what we think instead of taking it upon themselves to do what they think is best. :)

  7. you mean we're supposed to get gifts???

    Honey... you got some 'splaining to do!

  8. Men and pruning rarely go together!! I transplanted as many plants as I could, but the other beds are just so full. And I had lots of bulbs there :( pouting still.

    Dennie, we always buy each other a little something... *little* being the operative word!!