Friday, April 21, 2006


Todays stars.

Taurus (April 21 - May 21)
You need social graces to accomplish your goals. Alliances and positive objectives are constructive. Seek to build bridges and understanding in order to reduce intolerance and division.


  1. Mine says...

    Keep your mind open to all possibilities today, dear Libra.

    Ambiguous, but I'll take it. ;) And I'll help you build that bridge, Toni. How's the Red doing today?

  2. Ah, Toni ... I much prefer FREE WILL's horoscopes. And they are always open to interpretation ( a good thing :))

    Here's yours for this week:

    "It's perfectly fine for you to have dreamy eyes in the coming days--wistful, hopeful, liquid eyes that are more focused on the fantasies within than on the sights without. Muse to your heart's content, Taurus. Wander over to paradise in your imagination. Entertain utopian visions. As much as is practical, give yourself permission to visit LaLa land, where you can explore infinite possibilities, imaginary adventures, and "forbidden" topics that up until now you haven't dared to play with."

    Now isn't that nicer?? :)

    He's offbeat, sure -- but also sometimes frighteningly accurate. (LOL, says I, the horoscope sceptic)


  3. LOL... I like that Loreth. However after today the first one is more apt!!!

  4. PS. Loreth. Will visit la la land :) And see if I can get Will on my site :)

  5. Hey - I am Taurus too - Wonder how they knew the hubby and I had a huge fight last night....

  6. It was in the air Dennie!! Bad vibes all day.

  7. I like Loreth's better too ;)