Friday, April 21, 2006

Weird Jobs

OK--I'm asking. What is the weirdest job you've ever had?

Mine was probably constructing mathematical models (I'm not a maths person), to describe the biomass of different strains of Atlantic salmon using lateral stereo-images.


So basically what I did was weigh a salmon and then measure the distance between say their eye and all the different fins, and construct equations to relate those measurements to weight. I won't go into stereo-imaging (cough--just because I can no longer program the VCR doesn't mean I wasn't once smart--brains shrink when you have babies you know!)

Only it wasn't just one salmon--it was close to a thousand salmon, all different ages and strains.

I lifted this picture off a journal paper--intending to feel guilty about it until I realized they'd nicked it from me LOL. That is my flippin drawing and they also used my flippin' images. Sheesh. I did get a general acknowledgement, but I drew that bloody fish. sigh...

OK. Over it. Scientists--you can't trust them ;-)

So anyway, I measured fish--lots of fish.

The problem is now, when people get all excited about eating salmon, preparing salmon, catching salmon, I'm pretty much turned off. I have had days when I've been covered from head to toe in silvery scales. I have smelled like the most vile rubbish heap. And yes, one day, one of my heroines is going to have the same experiences and the hero is still going to fall in love with her.

Talk about bear bait (good job that job was in Scotland!).

BTW I also had the best boss ever during this job (Lindsay Ross) and got to travel all over Western Scotland. I measured salmon onboard trawlers, at fish farms, in hatcheries, in rain and shine. Funny what you remember when you put your mind to it :)

OK--I'm asking. What is the weirdest job you've ever had?


  1. all my jobs have been fairly normal... I have only every worked in retail and that is it... hmm... now i feel boring - maybe when Mini-me is in school I will get a weird job so I can talk about it - LOL!

  2. I like the fish!

    Hmmm. Weirdest job. Odd enough, my weirdest was also my bestest (yes, I'm a writer and I know that's not a word ;)

    I once was Head Maid for Molly Maid (must make that clarification because it means I got the zippy little Mazda to boot around in and I was in charge which is part of the *best* experience).

    SO, it was wonderful in that we had many posh homes to clean in the Victoria, BC area, and it was very neat to see the insides of those homes, admire people's art and belongings and see how they "put" their homes together, but the weird (and awful) part was when we had to clean dumps. And I mean dumps.

    I won't tell you about the time we came to a house five days after Thanksgiving and the turkey carcass was sitting in the sink. Rotting. With maggots and all.

    Or about the time we had to clean the house where the man refused to use a tissue for his nose. Instead he used the walls.

    We were well paid for the most part, so it made it bearable and besides, the rest of the job more than made up for it!

  3. I've never had a weird job - my family all thought it was weird that I even had a job. *gg*

    Meretta - that's how I felt about housesitting (the good stuff, not the nasty things). Living in these posh homes for a few days or weeks.

  4. Meretta--you have put me off cleaning for life (he he). I had a cleaning job once, but it was just two apartment buildings stairwells and doors.

    yawn thunk.

    I love to see in other peoples' houses :D

  5. My jobs have all been fairly normal. Library assistant, concession stand helper, bookstore assistant, pizza chef, bank teller, legal secretary...yup, pretty normal and mundane.

  6. Cleaning stairwells doesn't sound like much fun...unless you got to vacuum. Just call me weird, but I find it inherently satisfying to vacuum. All the dirt just whooshing past your fingertips is beyond description. I especially like to vacuum things that click as they race up the tube (there is a reason DH calls me a freak, you know? ;)

  7. Sorry, pretty normal around here. Most crazy job I ever had was working in a daycare center when I was 19. Swore I'd never have kids! HAHAHA! Jokes on me.

  8. Meretta--I'm always scared the things that rattle up the tube will shoot out and kill somebody :) I like to vaccuum though!

    Brandy :D That's a crazy job!!

  9. I think my weirdest job is my current job -- writing romance novels. Hey, I think it's perfectly normal, but you should see my uptight family trying to describe what I do at holiday functions.

  10. Jill--that isn't a weird job!! Unusual and special! I am tongue-tied when people ask me. DH however is quite happy to blether on about me :D

  11. Hmm? I don't think I've had a weird job. Lots of bad jobs, but I can't think of anything that was weird. Does weird bosses count?

  12. Oh, Meretta!!!