Friday, May 12, 2006


Ok--I admit I'm getting the ebay bug. I have this favourite clothing brand called Boden. They call it boutique on the internet, but it is actually what we Brits call catalogue shopping and you North Americans refer to as mail order.

Anyway if these clothes were any cooler they'd be having sex (oops--didn't mean to write that out loud). The reason for this outburst is two-fold. Firstly, and yes Peggy that is a word, firstly, I got this fantastic gift in the mail on the weekend from my friend Karen. Check it out--and the model wearing it IS the heroine in my wip. It is gorgeous and lovely with sequins and I have to wear a decent 'feminine support garment' beneath it, which means I actually have cleavage (turn your ears off, Pop) so DH approves.

Secondly, I was browsing ebay for an MP3 player, which I failed to find and accidentally typed in the word Boden. LOL. OMG. :D Cheap Boden clothes :O So I have been following the things I like and bought this gorgeous navy rain jacket for my DD. Their kids clothes are awesome but the boy stuff goes for a bomb second hand? I really don't understand that, but anyway...

Writing news... drum roll please. I finished Storm Warning. Got my finger out and buckled down :D I need to rewrite the syn and get this baby out the door. Then I'm going to work on my next proposal.

American Idol news... Elliot stayed and Chris the rocker got the boot. Man he was surprised and a little annoyed I think. Anyway the man has a fabulous future ahead of him and I wish him good luck.

ER news... Ohhh. Sad episode last night. Great acting. Very political, but I love that. I hate sissy on the fence stuff. Give me conflict and controversy in a story anyday. Really like the characterization.

Off to bed--any typos are the result of the celebratory bottle of wine DH and I opened.

May is my favourite month!!!!!


  1. Toni, aren't happy birthday wishes due any day now ... or NOW??? I lost all my dates and calendar in the computer crash :(

    Let us know so we can have a BLOG PARTY :)

  2. Congratulations on finishing the WIP.

    I like Boden catalogue stuff too, but can't afford it and haven't got into ebay yet.

  3. You finished it!

    Is Loreth correct? Are you holding out on us? You wouldn't do that to me, would you? Afterall, when you become my FBA, as your number one crazy stalker I need to know these things.

  4. Just discovered Boden - DS had a 'Gone Fishing' t-shirt for his birthday which was tres cool!

    Happy birthday for Sunday hun.

  5. Firstly, Toni (LOL), congrats on finishing the WIP.

    American Idol was a shocker. Wasn't sure if Chris was going to break down and cry or cussing.

    Lovely blouse.

  6. I am so shocked by Chris leaving... of course we didn't vote - it's all my fault!!!

    I heart eBay - I am addicted!

    Yeah on the book - I have been working on a synopsis - I have to re-read the book first 'cause I can't remember it all - sheesh!

  7. Deb--after 27 years you'd think you'd get the date right! Sheesh!

    Next week--honest and I am truly unable to keep quiet about it. I expect people to get excited! How uncool is that!!

    I dress my characters in Boden :D

    Chris was shocked, you could tell. And Dennie this sort of syn is the worst kind :(

  8. Anonymous8:19 am

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  9. I love ebay! I've found some great Snoopy stuff on there, and good DVD deals.

    CONGRATS on finishing STORM WARNING!!!

  10. I got that Chris was annoyed, too! Even Katharine looked like she thought she was going home.

    Congratulations on finishing the book!!

  11. On ER, Pratt only had to do a two week stint in Africa? What are the chances now of a Ray/Neela pairing. Did you see a preveiw for next week. It is the season finale.

  12. Derrrr, I know it's the 16th I just got mixed up with the days - HB4 Tuesday, double check, triple check - yes Tuesday. Have a fab day and well done on finishing the WIP. x

    p.s. Why isn't it asking me to enter a password now?

  13. Wow, you are a maniac! Well done, and you have another idea in progress. Sweet.

  14. Well, that just messed up my calendar (cross off 14th, change to 16th). If you'd just tell us these things in the first place poor Deb wouldn't have to get so upset. LOL

  15. Thanks for the introduction to Boden. I'm sure my DH won't thank you! (My fav is Coldwater Creek.) You finished? Yaaaayyyyyyy! Way to go! I stopped watching ER after Carter left. So now you've got me a little curious.

  16. Melissa, it is addictive though :(
    Mary--thanks :)
    Christa--yeah I thought it was pretty short for a stint in Africa, but I guess he was forced to go and so he'd be using his vacation time right? And i missed the trailer!!! Grrr!! But I thought Vic was amazing... his acting is outstanding. Unless he really is loopy :)

    Deb--thanks sweety. You upset Eve though. It is only for you, everyone else still has the letters BTW. Just kidding :) I thought I'd see how Bloggers despamming thing went so took verification off for a while to see how we get on. I hate those darned letters!!

    Scott--really, I am organized and controlled on the outside and *not* on the inside. I have four stories I really want to write right now and have to prioritise. Not everyone understands maniacs. :)

  17. Hi Brandy!! Poor hubbies :) Love ER. Can't give it up.

  18. I love ebay. I love too. I love amazon. I love Internet shopping, period.

    Congrats on getting the book done.

    Hey, my birthday is next week too.

  19. Congrats on finishing the book! I've never heard of Boden. I'll have to check it out.

  20. Rene, Happy Birthday for next week

    kelley--thanks, and what a cutie you have there!!!

  21. Isn't someone about to have a birthday???? Seems like she is?

    Congrats on finishing!!!

  22. oh - it looks so pretty - i want one!!

    skipped over your ER update - cause I haven't watched it yet. I taped it and blogged instead.

  23. Janice--I don't think I gave anything away--too much :) Enjoy it!!

  24. I think Rene's in love *gg*

    And she probably isn't going to tell us what day ahead of time either.

  25. Eve - not upset hun so no worries, just means that card wings it's way to Canada extra early this year!

  26. Some people could have sent a card of some other (FBA) people had let their bloggers know. LOL

  27. Eve--thank you for the thought XXX