Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Read any good books lately?

I just finished 'Someone Safe' by Lori Harris. Now I've read a lot of Intrigues because I wanted to write for Harlequin Intrigue. I am still thinking about it, but to be honest I have reconsidered slightly in the light of what I like to write and what Intrigue like to publish--except this book!! I love single title stories and this one had a real ST feel to it. It could have been a Silhouette Intimate Moments book (soon to be retitled Silhouette Romantic Suspense), except the bullets were more real :) Lori Harris is someone I'd pick up again quite happily.

I'm also catching up on my Elizabeth Lowell books (check out her joint blog) and trying to figure out exactly why I love her writing. There is something she does between the hero and the heroine that really makes a deep emotional connection--and I can't quite work it out. And she head hops--as does Nora, as does Suzanne, as do numerous other bestselling authors and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. In fact, until I became a 'serious' writer I didn't realize there were so many damn rules about the whole thing.

But I remember the martial arts philosophy.

'First you know nothing about anything'
'Then you train to the point where you have mastered the skills, the moves and the mechanics'
'And then you get to the stage where you realize even with everything you have learned, everything you have mastered, you still know nothing'

It isn't quite right, but you get the picture. And I've been there in other fields of my life, I mean I have a PhD right? But I still know nothing about the subjects I investigated for 4 years, because once you start digging, you actually open up more questions than find answers. I think that is what is happening when we are told about the rules for writing. We have to attain that second level before we can get to the final level of ultimate confusion and mastery :)

Happy Birthday Pop!! Hope Rome is treating you well!!!


  1. The bullets more real???? *scratches head* I've seen plenty people dead from bullets in SIMs ;).

    And yes, I know what you mean about Elizabeth Lowell. I love her voice.

    Happy Birthday to your Pop!!

  2. It was the only way I could come up with a quick difference :) Plenty of bullets in SIMs but I think you can describe the results more grittily (not a word I know) in HI.

  3. Kinda like being a Mom, you have one child and think you've encountered everything, then you have another child totally different in temperment or even gender. You THOUGHT you were prepared, HA!!!!
    Happy Birthday to you Pop!!

  4. gosh , it has been so long since I have had a chance to read... I hope that with summer starting at 1:31 pm CST Thursday afternoon the kids will give me a break - but i doubt it!

    but hey, as long as i am still getting writing done, all is good I guess!

  5. Hey FBA - What's reading? This is a concept I'm not familiar with. I'm also not here, you're just hallucinating.

  6. Has the psycho read my book yet? Do you hate it?? LOL.

    Brandy--oh yes that is SO right!!!
    Dennie--as long as you're writing is right!!! Yeah!!!

  7. I look forward to the day (if it every comes) that I get to make my own writing rules! ;-)

  8. I haven't been reading much - 3 books in 3 months. The lighting in the study wasn't conducive to reading. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of it when I get settled in. So no - I haven't had a chance to read it yet.

  9. But you've been writing instead--so that's good!!!