Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Composter

I am a darlek. I am a darlek. We will destroy you. We will destroy you. Exterminate. Exterminate!

Isn't exterminate a weird word? I mean terminate means end (possibly kill) so why doesn't ex-terminate mean un-end?

Dumb question I know.

Christopher Eccleston :) Enough said.

Who else gets canker worms? Man they are so gross. They are caterpillars that strip trees of leaves (and I mean strip) and then dangle from the trees off silken threads. So we are cycling through waves of these vile things. They then turn into canker moths. Little buggers. I hate them--I also hate mosquitoes and the season is fast approaching--sob. Sob.

Can you tell I'm working hard :)


  1. Hey - I managed 675 words tonight!

    Cankor worms? Are those the ones that leaves webs in trees? We have those.

    And yes, mosquito season is among us. We've had such a problem with West Nile Virus around here that I'm afraid this year is going to be bad. We didn't have a harsh enough winter to kill off the larvae, so we'll be over run.

    why doesn't ex-terminate mean un-end? LOL
    I've seen a whole list of those "Ponderables" somewhere. Wish I could remember one now.

  2. words are weird somtimes - then try explaining them to an inquisitive four yr old. tricky.

    UCK - on the ikky worm thing you were talking about - this is why I hate gardening. too icky.

    but nice composter!

  3. My In-Laws compost. Way to go. Mosquitos LOVE me. I can be outside for less than 5 minutes and get more than 3 bites! Ugh! My trees aren't mature enough for worms yet, but my rose bush has aphids. Anyone know how to get rid of those w/o hurting the neighborhood cats and my kids?

  4. Canker worms? Just the name sounds ugly. I think the ones that leave those webs are tent caterpillars, aren't they? We get those ... and when they hatch they swarm down the trees and across the ground like lemmings with a death wish -- you can't walk without squishing a few handfuls. I am SO not a worm fan. Give me a cobra or a spider over a worm any day.

    Not allowed to compost in my neck of the woods ... yeah, you guessed it -- bears.

  5. Did you know that new modern "Dr Who" is on again on BBC, the Cybermen and K -9 are back! ( Not that I watch it of course)

  6. What I hate is those big ugly fast moving beatles that come whipping out at you from nowhere while you're enjoying a beautiful evening. Now those are gross. And creepy.

  7. Eve--well done!!!
    Canker worms don't leave webs, they are just green caterpillars that turn brown over time.

    Janice, it is icky, but I like it.

    Except for the mossies!
    Brandy, they love me too. I come up in this big welt that itches 24 hours later. yuk. Actually for the first time ever last year wasn't so bad. Collect ladybugs for aphids.

    We have West Nile too so everyone has to get sprayed and we have a mosquito magnet. I hate pumping it into the atmosphere but I compared it to the amount most people use for BBQ and made myself feel better. If only we could afford Geothermal heating :(

    Janny--I have heard Dr Who is back, but not seen them. I'm waiting for BBC Canada to show Sharpe!

    Peggy--I'm OK with beetles as long as they don't start flying around me.

    Loreth--I was wondering about the bears! Shame about that.

  8. I am getting the mosquito magnet this season. It is so effective that it kills every one of them with a large radius.

    By the way, my story if finally up. Whew.

  9. Uh...are you smoking something from nature??? ;)

    Yeah, my daughter thinks the word pudding is weird lol

  10. Kendra - I just noticed your new pic! I like it.

  11. Had to leave my full, perfect composter back in Barrie! The United Van company wouldn't haul it out here to SK, :( No garden, caterpillars, for me this year. (only have one tree anyway) LOTS of mosquitoes though. West Nile warnings all over the place.

    Darling Toni, my last name is Wood. Think you could add it to my link? :)

  12. Sure Laurie, tomorrow. Didn't know if you wanted your full anme out there :)

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