Saturday, June 17, 2006

Blade Hunter progress:

10,780/80,000 words
52/320 pages


  1. ruby555:32 pm

    Great going, Toni. I'll have to try to find your books. They really sound great. LOL, I paid Bell telephone twice this month and I was trying to figure out why I had so much less than the little bit of money I usually have. I hope you stockpile a couple in case I can't find them here. Who does sell them in-store in Canada?

    I'm also here to tell you about getting Jill's books. I wrote most of it on her blog but I'll switch it to over here.

    "Toni, I don't think it's Winnipeg per se, because I've looked for certain authors here and never been able to find them. I can remember a series of books where the first was by an author who already had a single-title following here. The rest I had to special-order until the first author's closing book came out. Jill is sofar known mainly as a series author. I don't know which distributor or distributors supply Canada but I know definitely that not all authors are treated the same.

    I've done my special-ordering at our Chapters bookstore. I've got their card and so if I order it through the store I can still get my 10% off. If I order it directly from, I get only 5% off and pay shipping on top of that.

    I haven't seen her books either. But has them. If we get enough people to order them, they'll get the message. I'm also trying to get the London library to order her books. That will, I hope also create a demand for them. The big kicker is that "Aussie Rules" costs $21 here. If I remember correctly, the US price was $14 US. Has the exchange rate changed so drastically?

    Have a great weekend.

  2. ruby555:37 pm

    I just looked up There the price is discounted from $20 to $15.20 but I don't know what the postage is. But if you have to order it from one of them...

  3. Ruby--thanks for the info! I will either have to get a Chapters card or use Amazon. I am not surprised about Bell, these companies can be wonderful at taking money and not so hot about giving it back! Hope it is sorted :)

    My book is an ebook until December. Print comes out in December and is supposed to be through

    Triskelion put it into the bookstores in the states (I'm not sure about up here) IF I get good sales. We'll see :)

  4. Now I'm going to thoroughly confuse you.

    First, let me say that I'm planning to buy several of them come December.

    Progress looks good.

    It's me - yes, it's really me. Well, me and a 21 year old me. *gg*

  5. I'm going to order it from Amazon as a pre-Christmas treat! Great review, Toni, and I'm really looking forward to reading your book. Well done on the progress with Blade Hunter. Once I've got tomorrow over I'll get back to work on my WIP in earnest. Just can't focus on it now and have been scrapbooking instead.

  6. Bailey I love that photo of you and thank you for wanting to buy my book. You are such a pal!

    Siobhan--I am keeping everything crossed for you tomorrow. I wouldn't be able to concentrate either and scrapbooking sounds like a lovely alternative!!

  7. Wahoo on the progress, Toni! Page by page gets you to THE END!