Monday, June 19, 2006


Father's Day yesterday. The kids made DH wonderful presents. A pottery fish by DD--to match the 3 million other fish we have in our house :D and DS made a fridge magnet.

What talent.

also bought him a T-shirt and shirt, because he was running low!!! DH got up at 7 a.m. and went to watch a friend running a marathon that passed the end of the street and then he cooked pancakes for us all--bless him :)

I spoke to my dad (see photo) and left two messages for Pop who was out gallavatin' ;-) For once I organized gifts, but needless to say Amazon has yet to deliver. My dad is a military history buff so I sent him a book on the Spanish civil war and Pop... well that's a surprise :D

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Blade Hunter Progress:
54/320 pages
11,224/80,000 Words


  1. hope those gifts get there soon!

    Happy Father's Day to all those dads in your life :)

  2. Glad your respective male's had a good Father's Day! Hope the delivery gets there soon!

  3. Sounds like a good Father's Day. Still climbing up there on the wordage - good going.

  4. Hi Toni, I love it that your dad was out and about. Keeps him young. My dad was getting ready for work when I called.

    I had a pretty good day too. The kids both made me cards, and gave me a gift certificate for guitar lessons. They're getting tired of the same old songs!

    Check out my interview today!

  5. Yes, I hope the gifts arrive soon too!!

    Eve-The word count is going up but I'm not sure about the quality!

    Scott, that's my FIL who was out and about, but it is great he gets around so much ;-) At his age XXXX Just kidding. both of them are super active :)

  6. Ah, sounds like a lovely day for you and yours!

    Excellent job on the word count!

  7. Great job on the word count, Toni! And it sounds like you had a lovely Father's Day and that you have a lovely father! :-)

  8. Doing a bit of a catch up here... Great review on book and many many more to come. Happy Father's day - you should have got DD and DS to make him a shirt too and then make him wear it! ;-)
    World cup getting interesting, would have liked to see Angola or the Ivory Coast do better - I always tend to favour the underdogs.

  9. Girl, you're just like me. We look like our dads! Glad you had a good Father's Day with your family!

  10. Thanks guys :D

    Deb--I have faith Africa will win the WC one of these days.

    Kendra--you should see me and my brother :) Scary stuff ;-)