Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Don't Look Down

I finally got to read Don't Look Down this week. I have to say I was slightly trepidatious--I'd heard such conflicting opinions about how it wasn't a typical Crusie etc.

Well, I loved it!

It still had the layering and symbols that I associate with Crusie--like Wonder woman and the rope of truth, but it also had real bullets. I confess to being a women who loves her heroes to have guns, or at least know how to use them. Even though in actuality I'm against the general public having handguns outside gunclubs (shock horror I know the NRA will be devastated by my lack of support LOL).

Anyway, my dad knows a ton about guns and was a champion shot in his day, so that is probably why I do like them in the right hands.

Back to the book--I'm not going to give a detailed critique, but having followed their journey, in Reno last year and on their blog He wrote: She wrote (Bob & Jen on the sidebar) I appreciate the nuances of the storytelling process (for these very different writers), and could pick out the differing POV, though the story flowed effortlessly between the POV characters and laughed when I got to the YEC (yucky emotional crap) in Bob's scenes.

Anyway--everyone is still sick around here, so I'll quit while I'm ahead and get some writing done LOL.

Help--I am surrounded by the smell of vomit.

And a quick link someone sent me yesterday when they reviewed my blog? Reviewed my blog??? Good job I'd kept my mouth shut over the weekend :)


  1. I enjoyed it too, but must admit not quite as much as a pure Crusie.

    To me, all the military references were redundant, but that's only because DH is in the military so I'm already familiar with them.

    Otherwise it had lots of those classic Crusie undertones with all the symbolism and that wonderful, can't live without it, YEC.

  2. I'll have to look for this one.

    Oh yeah? I'll see your vomit smell and raise you a ... oh, never mind. :(

  3. Well how about that? You're great and you didn't even know it.

  4. Wow, I didn't notice the link before - see I am clairvoyant, you are becoming famous. *gg*

  5. Bailey--I have that too--but was too polite to mention it :) However, kids versus adults is a huge different ballgame.

    Great and famous--snort!

  6. you guys are killing me w/ all the books to add to my TBR pile! I look forward to reading that too!

  7. I plan on attending their workshop in Atlanta. :-)

    Hope everyone gets better soon!

  8. Hope the sickies are feeling better. Poor Toni!

  9. Told you so!! I'm with Maretta though. I do like her alone books better. However, this book was pretty good!!

  10. Yuk! You have my sympathies on the barf.

    Wow, your blog reviewed! And your hunk in the underwear took center stage. LOL