Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dream Vacations

Ok--recently I've been remembering a fantastic vacation we took when I was 6 months pregnant and DD was 2 years old. Like all mentally unstable people, we went to a remote island off the east coast of Australia.

Fraser Island.

A 4+ hour drive north of Brisbane, we spent a night in Noosa on the way and the way back (Noosa is divine BTW, just look at DH in the surf with DD).

On the drive up we left very early in the morning to catch the ferry from Hervey Bay and saw kangaroos hopping into the misty dawn--the only time I saw them in the wild.

Fraser Island is a World Heritage site and is the largest sand island in the world.

The only problem with that is there are no real roads. So travel is by 4X4 going through massive rutts and over steep hills and along a 75-mile beach--called 75 mile beach (just to make it easy). Needless to say DH and his brother had a great time, like a couple of kids, seeing who could stall the least amount of times. Rather than upsetting our sweet little girl, the bumpy road trips were the only time she slept :)

It has the most incredible rainforests and the lakes are just gorgeous. There is this creek, called Eli creek. It is incredibly cold and the current quite strong and tugs you gently along towards the sea. Gorgeous on a hot day!

Lake MacKenzie is just amazing...with goannas running all over the place. I'm running out of superlatives :)

The animals...

Well the dingoes are the purest remaining strain left in the world--all the dingoes on the mainland having interbred with domestic and wild dogs (dogs are banned from the island). Unfortunately, dingoes killed a 9 year old boy about five years ago--underlining the fact that wild animals should be treated as such--and there seems to be an ongoing battle about the needs of the wild dingoes versus the needs of people.

One of the problems is dingoes are naturally thin. People feel sorry for them and feed them scraps--the dingoes get bolder and then attacks start. As a biologist I understand this. As a parent I guarded my daughter very carefully.

We saw wild dingoes on the way to the beach and at night at our resort (Kingfisher Resort), where we ate crocodile and kangaroo--how can you not try it when it is right there??

Humpback whales travel between the island and the mainland on their annual migration and the birds are lovely. Fishing is supposed to be incredible, but as we were on holiday we didn't try it out :)

On the extra-plus side... (from memory) there are no poisonous snakes or spiders there, nor any marsupials?? No crocs either ;-)

I'd go back in the blink of an eye.


  1. Sounds like a great place... I would love to go there - our excitement is usually going to a drive away to another Six Flags - how many times can you wave at Bugs Bunny and ride a roller coaster I ask you...

  2. So would I, but without the two year old. Sounds like the perfect stress free place. Love the pictures BTW.

    You ate kangaroo??? Tell me it's not so!

  3. You know Dennie--many people would love to go to Texas, you live in a wonderful state. I have been lucky to travel with work and DH's work, but some people don't even get out their back door to see what's nearby!! Six Flags sounds good--DD is planning our next (very distant) trip to Disney and she wants DH to ride all the big rollercoasters and he hates them LOL. The things he has to do as a dad! Last week it was handle a snake for DS daycare trip. He hates snakes!!!

    I think trips are easier without kids :D but DD really enjoyed it and says she remembers it. She was as good as good (for a change LOL).

    I ate skippy, at a buffet!! I'm a bad person!!! The croc was weird tasting, like the muscle fibres weren't long enough to chew. I can't describe it--my tongue knows!!
    I prefer chicken :)

  4. Have you seen the commercials on tv, Toni? The ones where a foreigner comes up to a Canadian and starts going on and on about what they visited in Canada and then asks if the Canadian has been? Effective and true. So many people don't look out their own backyard (in whatever country) and enjoy their scenery. Except Loreth. She's good at it.

    The trip in Australia sounds very exciting! Can't say I've ever been somewhere that "grabbed" me though. Someday though. And I wouldn've been worried about the dingoes too!!

  5. meant to say "would've" not "wouldn've"

  6. I get grabbed a lot Meretta :)

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  8. Two bats of your eye and I'd be there two mate. Looks, sounds, IS fantastic.

  9. It looks absolutely beautiful!

  10. Hmmm... maybe I should be a travel writer. Anybody know how to make money travel writing :)

  11. Beautiful country, beautiful pictures :)

  12. Loreth--again I think I said this before, we went in the fall. Summer is stinking hot :D