Sunday, June 04, 2006

Happy Sunday

I'm not blogging today--much :)

This is fun. Mob name generator

And if you want to be a painter

regards--THE MANGLER


  1. I'm Hair Lip.

    Really could've done without that one ;)

  2. LOL--how attractive :)

  3. Twenty Eyes? I've been called Four Eyes, but Twenty?

    Loved the kaleidescope (sp?) - another thing to procrastinate with. Kewl!

  4. The Mangler, Hair Lip and Twenty Eyes. Sounds like I'm the hit man :)

  5. I got "Hobo Clown"??? I HATE Clowns!! I was taken to a circus when I was about 4 yrs old and got scared by the clowns and their fire crackers. For years I hated clowns and didn't know why, until my mom told me that story. I hate them to this day - can't stand the sight of them. So now I'm a "Hobo Clown", lol! Must be a kharma thing!