Thursday, June 01, 2006

Love, actually

Just watched Love Actually again. Oh I love that movie. It makes me laugh so much. And it is so clever. And the soundtrack is fab.

I love the fact that Natalie (Martine/Tiffany to Eastender fans) says fuck.
I love the fact the Prime Minister (Hugh Grant to all) sticks one to the US President (Billy Bob Thornton)
I love the fact that Jamie (Colin Firth) gets wet again.
I love the fact that the body doubles are politely shy even when they are naked.
I love the fact that Colin (red headed guy out of My Family?) gets laid in America because of his British accent.
I love the fact Liam Neeson finds another woman of his dreams.
I hate the fact poor Emma Thompson gets made to feel bad, frumpy and boring and Laura Linney has such a heartbreaking family tie.

I could go on and on. But I actually really love this movie :)


  1. I LOVE 'Love Actually'. Just LOVE it.

    hehehe. Bet you didn't think I'd be here tonight, did you? Honestly, neither did I, but my leaves are behaving themselves it seems. ??

    Have missed you terribly! Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of my ISP woes.

  2. I just love Liam Neeson, actually.

  3. I saw that movie and really enjoyed it too. Cast full of great actors.

  4. Meretta! We've missed you.

    I haven't seen this movie, always mean to pick it up. Guess I'll have to make more of an effort now.

  5. I love Love LOVE THAT movie - I bought it the other day and LOVE IT!

  6. I got the whole Monica Lewinsky thing from Hugh Grant. It was a funny movie. I wonder who Billy Bob was supposed to be?

  7. I love that movie. And when Emma goes into her room and Joni Mitchell plays, well, it is heartbreaking.

  8. Okay I WILL pick this movie up today. I almost did last weekend ... but put it down again for some reason. Now I'm conviced. AND it has Hugh Grant and Liam Neeson?? ... AND Emma T ? ...I AM THERE !!!

    Thanks, Toni.

  9. Meretta!! Leaves once stopped the whole British Rail network, but that isn't as strange as stopping your ISP!! Welcome back :) I have shears?

    I guess we all love love actually :) Eve and Loreth, I am sure you'd like it. Best watched twice :) Very clever--but not in a way that makes your brain ache.

  10. Shears welcome, but I think chainsaws are in order. Or maybe not? Things are pretty good so far today. Fingers crossed.

  11. I really need to watch this movie. :)

  12. Would you believe I checked this out of the library, and then didn't get to watch it before it was due back? It's good? I'll have to try again, and watch it this time!

  13. Melissa-- I hope you get to see it soon :)

    Brandy--you're a homeschooling mom--I believe it :)

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