Sunday, June 11, 2006

Name change

Not in love with myself--I just changed my blog name from Romance Writing Mom to *Me* because I am working on my public image/branding LOL.

I just can't reconcile 'Toni Anderson--Dangerously Romantic' on the same page as the word 'mom'. Goes against every instinct I have as a mother.

Address is the same so i don't think anyone needs to change anything :) Thanks for bearing with me!!

Oh--England won against Paraguay and Sweden drew against Trinidad and Tobago!!! Good news guys!!!


  1. Can't decide--what do you guys think?

  2. I like it!!! A lot :). Good job, Toni.

    I see I'm an apple tree. I can live with that :)

    And now I am wondering when South Africa plays. I love soccer. DD loves soccer. She's good, too. And once upon a time along, long time ago, so was I ;)

    I just don't like being called anything remotely like Soccer Mom!

  3. Anonymous5:56 am

    Good news that England won but they will have to start scoring goals themselves

  4. For anonymous read Pop, pushed the button too soon

  5. I like the name change!

  6. I like the name change - of course, you're listed as Ann on my bookmarks anyway so you wouldn't end up at the bottom. So I'm not changing anything. And on my blog links you've always been Toni Anderson.

    Congratulations on the win. We have the second game of our basketball championship tonight.

  7. Oak Tree calling... Agree that you should go with who you are, Toni Anderson is the individuality here.

    Boring England game but 3 points under our belts! Now do we have to worry cos Sweden got a drawer, i.e. does that mean that the Ivory Coast are better than we anticipated or that Sweden are worse? We gathered at a friends in Shrewsbury all wearing red and white with little George Cross' on our faces - how naff, but what fun!

  8. SA aren't there Loreth--but there are 5 African teams! I'm sure you'd still be good :)

    Pop--that stroked the guys hair!! That was a perfectly good goal :D

    Thanks Dennie.
    Eve, Ann is good for me :) And good luck Mavs!!

    Deb--they won, who cares if it was exciting or not!! I am not going to let the British Press moan about our team. If they win that's great. If they lose but play well, that's great too. I wonder what the Swedes will do now--always a shock not to win an 'easy' game!!

  9. Here's from Apple Tree. The name change suits the new image better. And best of luck with the proposal to Triskelion!

  10. Blimey - you've got me blogging now too! Love the new blog page, Toni - very glam!


  11. Blimey - you've got me blogging now! Love the new blog page, Toni - very glam!


  12. Ah - have just realised how this thing works - have published same comment twice - at least I was consistent!

  13. I love the new title!

  14. Looks good! And move with that BRANDING! LOL

  15. Thanks Olga. Fingers crossed :)

    Deeeeeeee!!!!!! When you get certified you could have a blog about the new job ;-)

    Tori--thank you!

    Kendra--bite me :) (that's a play on your branding, not a direct insult ;-)

  16. Love the new name! And I noticed it right away at the top of my screen...thought to did Toni get that up top? LOL.


  17. Like the name change it's specific without limits.

  18. Thank you Meretta :) Not telling you how I played around with the template for ages before... no not telling you :)

    Thanks Brandy. I'm biting the bullet. Easier than writing right now!!!