Saturday, June 03, 2006

Nuts again

Loreth is having a contest to win a free book. June 1st. Please don't go, because I want to win :)

I feel like I'm going barmy. I need dried leaves for my composter? and a slave for the housework. Anyone interested???


  1. Congratulations on your fabulous review! What a great should put that link on your blog somehow ya know :)

    And I won't go over to Loreth's, I promise! lol...

  2. Great review - looks like a good read for the hols so I'll add it to my pile of TBRs. Wish I had a slave to do the housework. Seems the washing machine has been going all week and now there's a stack of ironing. DS came home with a basket full and we didn't have time to do ours before we went to York. Thanks for dropping by. Llama trecking up the coast must have been one unusual experience ...

  3. If you dropped out, it would give me a better chance ... *gg*

  4. Laurie--I will. One of the reasons I went with a 3 column template. Really must do that, thanks for reminding me!!!

    Siobhan, thanks :) I don't mind washing, but sorting and ironing :P Llama trekking was fun :)

    Eve--ha ha ha!!! No chance sweety!!

  5. If you find someone too be a slave, can I borrow them to clean my bathroom?