Wednesday, June 21, 2006

NYC and Inspiration

I'm researching New York right now--for my wip. My story starts in the Village--and it turns out the street where I gave my heroine a home address in year dot is the same street where they took the outside apartment shot for Friends... grhhh.

Next scenes are in SOHO and Washington Square. Anyone else know what SOHO stands for?? Pop quiz :) SoHo is famous for cast-iron architecture which explains all those beautiful loft apartments with those high ceilings and wonderful light.

Next I was cruising art sites because the Marshall Hayes is in charge of the 'Forgeries and Fine Art' division of the FBI. I made up this department, again before the FBI implemented its own Art Theft Program in 2004 and I'm sticking with it because although it may lack authenicity in some ways, it is mine to shape and do with as I want. Fiction can be a lot more fun than straight procedural sometimes :)

OK--but check out the painting... see how vibrant and compelling it is? Gorgeous--beautiful wonderful. I love it!

That is what I'm missing from my first draft so far. People comment on the imagery in my writing--and at the moment it isn't there. It pains me because I am beginning to think imagery feeds my creative soul, imagery makes my story come alive.

I know it'll come, second draft, third draft, I'll have gained the words I need to create the set and mood for the story I'm writing. And being impatient won't help. But if anyone wants to send me a little inspiration feel free--I need all the help I can get :)

Blade Hunter Progress:
58/320 pages
12,054/80,000 words


  1. Hi Toni! Writing is so hard. A sculptor has the material to create with. Writers first have to creat the material and then "sculpt" it. And we have to be SO patient, working through it again and again until it comes right. Have you tried getting inspiration by watching movies/TV programmes set in New York?

  2. Oops! Typing error - I meant "create" :-)

  3. Is it South Hampton? I love the painting, and I'm not an art enthusiast--per se. I like your idea of making up a department of the FBI. That makes it more fun, and you don't have to stick to the pesky facts. Instead, you get to make them all up.

  4. I don't know Scott--it says

    Joy Garnett : New York's Chelsea Art District On Fire (2004)

    But that might not be a realistic title, more metaphorical! I don't know. The artist is linked on the word 'painting'.

    When I wrote Her Sanctuary I researched the FBI and they had no dedicated department for art fraud. I thought it was pretty dumb at the time. But now I can have my HQ in Boston instead of Washington, and Marsh can run his own show LOL. Glad the FBI caught on to the huge billion dollar problem--probably because mobsters and terrorists like to launder money through art, or smuggle stuff in consignments. Reminds me of Arnie and Tru Lies :)

    Siobhan! So glad to see you back. I love watching NYC shows (NY CSI for example). I grew up with NYPD Blue and love Sex in the City. Maybe you're right and I need a DVD night of NY bliss :)

  5. My first draft is almost always sparse on the details - which is where that wonderful imagery comes in. I wouldn't worry about it right now - just get the bones of the story written and the imagery will follow.

  6. great painting....

    hey good progress!

  7. Just let the words flow right now. You can always go back and put in the imagery. When you try and concentrate too hard on putting in something, I think it stymies the creativity.

  8. Sending inspiration as requested. And yes, the painting is a vibrant one.

  9. Inspiration winging its way to you from me! Get the words down first. Change/add/delete later. ;)

    Beauty of a painting. So much color.

  10. Absolutely love that painting! I'd print it out and hang it over the computer! Maybe you need to start making a collage on a big bulletin board or a box, with images that fit with your book, as you find them. That always helps me. (she says, as her four characters stare down at her....still no title..sigh)

  11. Thank you guys.

    I might do a collage Laurie. I have a scrapbook for facts and picts, but that is characters, a little NYC visuals might be good.

    Not having a great writing day.