Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I had a good writing day yesterday--despite DD hanging on my shoulder for the whole morning just because I'd banned TV.

There's nothing to doooo mommy....

But I realized something--completely unrelated to whining children. In my head I was writing a 100K word book, and this is going to be a 80K book.

Who cares I hear you cry--just write the d@mn book.

Well I care--because I need to set up my turning points (TP) for around the 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 parts way through the book. Here's me aiming for the first TP being at around 100 pages and really it needs to be at (rats, where is the calculator... ) page 80!

I'm on page 41, and so now that fits perfectly with what I've written so far. There's been a lot of plot early on--lots of character introduction and clashes between the hero and heroine, but no real emotional interaction. They need to spend a few pages in close proximity to build on their previous bond (if you can call what happened between them in Her Sanctuary a bond, LOL).

Marsh isn't going anywhere while The Blade Hunter is around, but Josie's not happy about it.

Other news--check this out... for all those pesky long urls
Plus--the Oilers lost game 4. Rats. Meretta hasn't mentioned it but I know she is devastated.


  1. Hmmm. Not quite devastated, but disappointed for sure. We've got to dig deep now! Still we're the better team. Dougie is giving them all our secrets, I know! Drat him to bits! GO TEAM GO!!!

    And wow. You're a precise plotter. I kind of wing it. Have some idea but not that precisely. Regardless, Happy writing!!

  2. You really know what you are doing in this book writing business. I'm impressed.

  3. Errr... I guess. We'll see won't we LOL.

    I think TP are one of the basic ingredients to a novel that holds your attention.

    I'm precise enough to know whereabouts the excitement should happen--doesn't mean exactly on page 80, 160 & 240--but you should/I will try and aim for those sections.

    It is like drawing a picture and not getting the whole thing on the page--you need to know your dimensions.

    Please..this is what I do--if you don't, it isn't wrong--I'm just telling you guys how I write!!! And I am a plotter :)

  4. I'm a numbers gal too. Black moments and love scenes are my markers. I mentally mark where I should be at 30K, 50K, 80K and finally 100K. I've done it that way for so long, it comes natural now.

  5. Hmm...I'm trying to respond to this in a nice manner because I do love you.

    Let the characters tell you, Toni. Emotion can't be planned :)

    It'll be brilliant, relax and write :)


    *runs and ducks from the onslaught of rotten tomatoes and scientific calculators being thrown at her*

  6. Kendra!! Shame of you, you pantzer :) Hey, we do what suits us :) It is the only way--as I believe your talk in Atlanta will confirm???

  7. Yay on the good writing day!!!

    My solution for bored children is the phrase, "Well, you can always clean the bathroom." They quit being bored REAL fast.

  8. I can relate on the bored kids. tell mine a LLLLOOOOOOOONNNGGGG list of chores they could do, amazingly they seems to find anything BUT chores to do!!
    As for your book, can't you write what you want and then go back and see what might be cut? If not, I wish you all the best in reigning in your imagination!

  9. Good advice re chores and kids. Will remember that in the morning.

    Brandy, my imagination needs some control. Otherwise every person on the street would have their story :) Plus if you analysed your favourite books I bet you'd find a significant happening at the key point in the book. It is a very accepted 'thing' in storytelling.

    However--I believe there is an exception to every rule and everyone is different.

    here's to variety :J