Saturday, June 10, 2006


This week my son learned to pee standing up and his sister learned to ride her bike without stabilizers.


DS also started not wearing a nappy at night and experienced his first pony ride last week.

My babies are growing up.

Have a lovely weekend :)

Off to watch the England match.


Dennie McDonald said...

awww... makes a mama proud!

Eldest child lacks an inch on my height and number two child will hit double digits later this summer - it's wild how fast they grow!

Sandra said... son just got potty trained, we're going on two weeks now, but he still won't go standing up LOL

As long as he's doing it by the time he turns 18, that's what matters right? LOL

Peggy said...

Argh, I'm jealous. Can't even get my boy to pee in the potty!

Toni Anderson said...

Dennie--those kids must be TALL!!!
Sandra, it has been an age--too much girly influence around here :)
Peggy--boys seem slower than girls LOL--cliche but true in this house!

Meretta said...

WTG kids! Some major milestones achieved this week!

Brandy said...

Our Son giggled like a maniac the first time he pottied standing up.

Loreth Anne White said...

Hurrah, kiddos :). Those are biggie milestones! Your babies are growing up, Toni.

Toni Anderson said...

I thought the whole peeing standing up would come much more naturally. Point and shoot seems so basic for boys. :)

Bailey Stewart said...

I've heard it depends upon who's training them. I don't know why - just what I heard. Besides, my head hurts too much to think that hard.

Yay on peeing standing up!

Toni Anderson said...

Training? Scratching head :) LOL.

Pop said...

Toni this is very sexist the poor child will have to stand to pee whilst his sister can spend the rest of her life sitting down

Dennie McDonald said...

naw - I am just short... 5'3" ... he is taller than my mother and the same height as the DH's mother, but the DH is 6' so is his dad so Heir got their genes

and {snort} at what Pop said - LOL

Deb said...

Well done DS. Wonder how long it will be before DD decides to try doing a standy-uppy too!

Fantastic news on the bike front - go girl.... x