Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wimblebum :)

Next week Wimbledon starts.
26th June-9th July.
So much sport even for me :)

This photo is the Centre court at Wimbledon. Wow, can you imagine playing on that stage?

This photographer has beautiful photos on his site, London and other places in the UK.

I would love Henman or Andy Murray to win--especially Murray. He was a a young boy at Dunblane primary school the day the massacre happened. For me he represents all that is good about a child overcoming adversity. Their chances are low--but I'm supporting them anyway :)

Visitors with 16 month old baby are here and my son has an ear and eye infection, so not much writing done today. Wish me luck tomorrow :)

Blade Hunter Progress: Pathetic!
12,515/80,000 words
60/320 pages


  1. Man that looks gorgeous. I'd love to come see it.

  2. Good luck tomorrow.

    Sounds like you have your hands full.

    And it would be nice is Murray won.

  3. I am through w/ sports... through I say! (until football - the NFL football) starts....

  4. I take it the Mavs lost?

    Wimbledon is gorgeous. I would love to go too :) Always watched it with my granny--and she HATED MacEnroe.
    It was a funny era to watch on telly :) with all the hair and stuff.

  5. I know nothing about tennis, I confess, although I've heard about Wimbledon, of course, and McEnroe etc. Did Venus Somebody once play there? Bille Jean King? See how far back my memory goes, but the trivia isn't very useful? lol! Sports really isn't my thing unless it's hockey, or the Summer/Winter Olympics. That's the kind of sport I can get into. Great pic, btw. Hugs on the lack of writing time!

  6. I love watching tennis. Haven't done that for a long time. Also like to play it.

  7. It'll be great to have some tennis to watch and have a break from the soccer! Too bad the USA lost to Ghana today. England are still in with a chance. Who knows? But it would be fab if a Brit could win Wimbledon.

  8. Laurie--different eras I think but yes there is a Venus and Bille Jean used to play. I only like Wimbledon for tennis--or I should say I only watch wimbledon for tennis although I haven't watched much with the wee ones.

    Siobhan! Sorry about the yanks!!! Here's hoping a Brit somewhere will pull it off!!

  9. Sorry your Son is not well. Hope he feels better soon.

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