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Wonderful Review

From Romance Reviews Today

HER SANCTUARY - Toni Anderson
Triskelion Publishing -
ISBN: 1-933874-21-X
April 2006
Romantic Suspense

New York and Montana, April 3 to 17

With a mob contract on her and hung out to dry by the head of the Organized Crime Unit, Special Agent Elizabeth Ward leaves the FBI, hoping to live long enough to extract revenge against Andrew DeLattio. She thought her undercover work would put the monster in prison, but the Assistant DA allowed DeLattio to turn state's evidence. That means the crime boss who drugged, beat, and raped Elizabeth is going to be set free. Fearing for her life, Elizabeth flees. She finally stops in Montana at the Triple H Ranch in the middle of the night.

Nat Sullivan has already beaten up a couple repo men trying to claim his prize Arabian stock. His mother's heart attack halted the repossession orders. Still, the ranch that has been in his family for generations faces bankruptcy, and his greedy Texas-transplant neighbor and his bed-hopping wife have made Nat's life miserable. To solve his cash flow problem, he's even advertised for tourists offering a working vacation on a real ranch, stress on the work aspect. He didn't expect his first guest to arrive a week early and in the middle of the night. He opens the Jeep Cherokee's door, rifle ready to confront what he expects is another repo man. Instead he meets beautiful Eliza Reed (Elizabeth Ward). Despite his attraction, he knows Eliza is hiding something. He wants to know what, maybe even help her, but his own problems press on him, and that includes not only the ranch and his ill mother, but also the welfare of his niece, his brother who is drinking and skirt chasing too much, his sister, one ex-con ranch hand and another too old to find another job.

Marsh Hayes, FBI Special Agent in charge of the Forgery and Fine Arts Division, also looks for Elizabeth. He convinced Elizabeth to become an agent. Appalled the head of the Organized Crime Unit lured her into such a dangerous investigation and then left her dangling, Marsh feels obligated to help his former agent, especially knowing DeLattio is tracking her.

This is the explosive set-up for HER SANCTUARY, and author Toni Anderson doesn't disappoint in either suspense or romance. DeLattio is a truly evil character, but believable. The story is both interesting and tense. With deft skill, Ms. Anderson lets you understand each character's motivation, their vulnerabilities and their strengths. She develops settings that immerse you in the under belly of New York, spring in Montana, and life on a cattle ranch. For a fast paced, enjoyable read filled with secrets and surprises, HER SANCTUARY will fill all your expectations.

Robin Lee


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