Thursday, June 08, 2006

World Cup Fever

FIFA World Cup starts tomorrow!!! And Wayne Rooney is cleared to play!!! Yeay!!

I am a life long Liverpool fan and many of the England team started in the ranks of Liverpool FC.

Go England Go!!!

Here's to a GREAT tournament and I hope the thugs can behave themselves this year.

And here's to the Oilers!! Come on Edmonton!!!!!


  1. GO TEAMS GO!!!

    Will be rooting for Liverpool, Toni! When I was a young lass, I remember traveling through Spain and there must have been an important football game going on...all these men were crowded around this tiny, tiny TV in the train station in Madrid, cheering and screaming and shouting.

    At the time I had no idea the game of soccer was so huge to people on the other side of the pond. :)


  2. LOL.

    Okay...if I'm cheering, it's always better to have the team name straight.


    And YAY to the Liverpool players.

    (embarrassed shrug)

  3. LOL--I forgive you. Soccer is also huge in Africa, South America. All over really. Canada has tonnes of soccer, especially for the kids. That's great!

    I guess the magic of soccer is you only need a ball to play. Goalposts can be anything from sweaters to water bottles.

    I have vivid memories of playing 5 aside with my friend Mary. No one wanted us sloth-like creatures on their team (this is when we were grad students). So we joined up with a prof and tech from another building and Mary turned out to be a star striker and won the tournament for us :) Oh the joy :)

  4. Shame Mary's not English she could have helped out if Rooney wasn't to be risked from the bench!

    Come on England!!!! Just bought a tasteful little foam flag to fit onto my car ariel - chav eh!

    Let's hope Paragua are as good as Jamacia!

  5. Classy Deb :) Isn't it sad we pin our hopes on the opposition being bad???

  6. Let's try this again. Blogger is still acting crappy.

    My nephews played soccer as children, so at least I kind of know what's going on there.

    Good luck to your teams.

    And for Meretta - Go Oilers!

  7. Ssh...

    ... it's a secret.

  8. Soccer is big in our town, too. I got shanghaied into coaching a few years back. U6 *and* the Wee Ones. Oh my. What a learning experience that was!

    And thanks, Eve!

    hehehe on your star player, Mary. That'll teach 'em!

  9. Good luck to your team Toni. I don't follow soccer, but some guys at the office are pretty stoked for the games.

  10. Is this going to work? Hello there (waving frantically).

  11. Wow, soccer players are H-O-T. I think I might have to watch that instead of American football. *grin*

  12. with the Mavericks (Dallas basketball team) in the finals this week and next - it's hard to remember there are other sports

  13. GO Oilers!! Yeah!

  14. Dennie I saw there was a basketball playoff on. I confess I turned it to 'My name is Earl' and laughed my head off.

    Go Mavs!!

    LOL Meretta on the coaching. They reeel in those parents!! DH did it last year, and probably next year. What a laugh trying to get 5 year old girls to do anything but pick daisies!!

    Melissa--some are LOL. I think Michael Owen is the cutest. A real sweetie (with hair).

    Scott-thanks. I love the world cup, not big on club matches except for cup finals. Something about the World Cup always stirs up happy spirits. England and Argentina have a huge rivalry that has nothing to do with the war.

    Hi Peggy and Eve!! Will come by today :)