Thursday, June 29, 2006


I didn't have time or energy to write anything new with the kids around and the gargantuan piles of laundry swallowing up the insides of my house, but I did edit hardcopy and actually added 5 pages with only 800 words? Hmmm. LOL. A magically expanding book. I do however feel much happier with the flow of the story and the details.

I am building up for the first turning point, butI keep coming up with interesting things to add. So tonight, having watered my plants (we are having a massive dry spell in the prairies) I'm putting my feet up in front of the telly and thinking about my plot. I'm an organic plotter :)

Blade Hunter Progress:
15,227/80,000 words
75/320 pages


  1. Yeah, I hate it when life thinks it has the right to interfere with what I want to be doing.


  2. Hey, editing hard copy is still writing, IMO. :-)

  3. Is that a photo of a marrow flower?Fab WW1 memorabilia, poignant.

    I've just come back from a couple of day at a conference in York, conf was c**p but York is beautiful. We went on a ghost walk of the city which was really interesting, but sadly no ghostly sighting, fab none the less and very informative re the history of the city. Great Whisky shop too - hmmm takes me back to St Andrews! ;-)

    Happy writing. x

  4. Eve/Bails--yes. It is a bummer.
    Melissa--it is, you're right.

    Deb--Courgettes. I have a grow bag on my deck :) Not sure when to harvest them :/ I like whiskey shops, not that keen on whiskey as you know. Gin I good with ;-) York ghost walk sounds nice even without the ghost. I had my hen night there, though you were too pregnant to come. We need to set up a sleep over :)

  5. Love the plant picture - if you hadn't said what it was, I wouldn't have guessed. Looked like some alien thing. :) You're doing great on keeping up with the writing, & Melissa's right,editing hard copy IS still writing. All part of the creative process! :)

  6. Sleep over still cool with us, very much looking forward to it. Yum courgette, lovely raw cut into ribbons with ribbons of carrot, a little drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice and a sprinkle of coriander.