Sunday, July 02, 2006


OK--why was I so annoyed yesterday? England lost a football game. This is not an unusual occurance, believe me :) We Brits know how to lose at sport!!!

What peed me off was the behaviour of the Portugese throughout this tournament and the disproportionate refereeing decisions.

When Portugal played Holland (the game before the England match), it was a brawl--more akin to a hockey game than soccer. Luis Figo headbutted another player in full view of the ref and got a yellow card (so he stayed on with no further disciplinary action). The Portugese are also renowned for fabulous diving antics and theatrics.

Wayne Rooney apparently stamped on a player (it really did not look that serious to me) and he got the red card (have to leave the pitch and miss the following FIFA game). This left England defending for an hour with 10 men. I really really believe the refereeing decisions have altered the course of the World Cup. Had Portugal been rightfully penalized in the Holland match they might have had to play with 10 men. They might have lost that match. So it matters, right? Getting it right, matters.

I know refereeing is the hardest job in the world to do and no one ever appreciates them because only one team can win--but this sucked.

So I'm annoyed. I'm annoyed with the refs. I do believe players should set good standards for young people watching the game and be good role models. I'm annoyed at the Portugese for playing dirty soccer. If they win the world cup... I'm going to be really annoyed :D

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  1. And I, too, will be annoyed (and saddened) right along with you! Bad reffing is a serious blight in competitive sports.

    YAY on the Blade Hunter progress, though! YOU GO!! (I'd much rather be a cheerleader than a ref ;)

  2. The game is so corrupt nowadays that the result was probably fixed anyway, so why worry, the sums paid to officials for ticket concessions and location rights and even for votes to become presidnt of FIFA, are well documented and what about the referees in the current match fixing scandal in Italy.
    It is'nt bad refereing Meretta,it is corrupt refs.

  3. DH and I were most annoyed during some of the NHL playoff games as well. If some of the refs are corrupt, you'd think they could be more subtle about their bad calls?

    So with football having such ardent and dedicated fans, does this corruptness affect the fan's love for the players and/or the game? Do you think any of the fans have given up watching or are they just as dedicated as always?

    When the NHL shut down for a year due to the player's strike, many predicted that the sport would lose its following, but I don't think the teams lost much support at all. In fact, playoff fever hit a high here in Canada. If it were consist and corrupt refereeing though, things might change rather quickly.

    At any rate, GO ENGLAND!!!!

  4. *vbg* em. yes. Well. I am sitting on the fence as to whether those 2 refs were actually corrupt as opposed to BAD!!! But I think corruption undermines the spirit of the game and the ardency of the fans who pay a hell of a price to watch a game if the result is already fixed.

  5. I think the ref was colour blind, how else could he justify the decisions he made! Yes Rooney trod on the blokes privates but he did not stamp on them maliciously - he will do when the meet up next at Championship level though!!!!

    Poor show and yes I think it did change the whole outcome, bias or not! Doesn't straight red at this level mean missing 3 games, so Rooney was out of the WC, finito.