Friday, July 21, 2006

Be Happy :)

Sorry I have been lax today!! Last night I decided to spend quality time with DH. So I turned off the computer and then he went out :( LOL

Isn't that life!!

I have kids here so chaos reigns!!

Plus--my computer has been going slower since windows did some recent updates so I might revert to an older operating system, which I may screw up and never see you guys again!! So if I disappear you know I was thinking of you all. Hey--have I told you how GREAT you guys are?? Well you are all wonderful and excellent people.

Be good to yourself today--you deserve it!!!


  1. Your post isn't loading, Toni.

  2. Hey Toni, my computer is also suddenly markedly sluggish. I thought it might be Norton, or a virus, or spyware I can't find ...Hope not.

    Stay cool :). Easier said than done given the forecast at the moment ..

  3. I'm playing with my template Laurie. Might be that. Loreth :/

    This all started the day after some updates failed to load properly. I'm going to reset to beginning of the month.

  4. Toni, just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog, sorry that your DH went out.

  5. Brandy--thank you! I'm sorry he went out too--he had told me. Work. :(