Friday, July 14, 2006


Ahem... just a note to say, if you emailed me yesterday afternoon, in all likelihood you were spam-deleted before it hit the processing chip. Sorry. A little extreme. (That'll be NY in the hole!!) Still working on my settings and basically Thunderbird is fine with other programs, but other programs often need an extra tweak to work with Thunderbird. At the moment everyone ends up in junk, even me. LOL.

I'm working on it. Honest.

Writing-wise. Nothing new put on paper but I did block out most of the rest of the plot on index cards and the romance too (thank you, Loreth). I also went back over what I'd written so far, getting ready to move ahead tomorrow? maybe. If you want the truth it is all tosh, but I think it has a chance of coming together.

It is as hot as hell here. I know it is hot down south and in many other places, but why do we (Canada) get both extremes? Hot and cold. Really, I wonder how they survived during pioneer days. Not only having to clear the land, but work in the fields? No air-con? No fan?

I am a wuss. And thick. And I can't write. And the dog is better looking.

Just kidding (not about the dog) and I am a wuss. And the other stuff... Hmmm....must be Friday :)


  1. You're cute, you know that? And you just missed Spamarama and being the first person on the blog. Gotta watch that timing. *vbg*

    And I think they survived because they didn't know any better. You don't miss what you don't have. Plus, overhead lights add to the heat, the computer puts out heat, etc. At least that's my delusional theory.

  2. Beating the spammers is a challenge to intelligent people, stupid people like me change their e-mail addresses.

  3. Looks like my new blog would be a hit with your readers. And yes, I'm doing just fine, but thanks for asking.

    Funny, at work we are working on combatting spam because we parse thousands of web documents a day.

  4. They were tough because they had to be.

    Hope you sort out your woes soon, Toni! I do believe you're in a frump. Here's my hand. Pull yourself up and out!

  5. Not really, Meretta. Just waffling :) But thanks for the hand up--it is always appreciated!!!

    Pop--my email address changes regularly anyway :)

    Scott--parse? What does that mean? If you come up with anything LOL.

    Eve--I will come visit now--I did wonder where Spamarama was!!

  6. Nothing wrong with being a wuss... plus I bet you're glad you haven't go a bloodhound or some ugly mutt, at least you're comparing yourself to a mighty fine dog!! lol. ;-)

  7. He's a good looking SOB

    I always wanted to say that ROFLOL!!!