Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Family

Don't say I never show you pictures of the family :) What do you think?? Look at those lips :D

I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!! My daughter has obvious talent *vbg* She informed me that 'you're not fat mommy, that's your dress'??? No wonder I don't wear dresses!!

As therapy and to celebrate a perfect report card (though how could she have anything else in kindy?) we let her choose dinner out (McDs) and then DH and I had a little frantic retail therapy in a nearby outlet mall. I discovered Reitmens (sp?) and got shorts and 2 skirts (I have suddenly decided I like wearing skirts plus the upcoming wedding etc...) DH lunged at Tommy Hilfigers for navy shorts. God bless him, he likes his designer stuff. Good job we only shop once a year. Must now clear the closet of anything pre-Cambrian.

Have a lovely LONG weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. (((Toni)))) on the sentimental affair. And oh yes, she definitely has talent. It's awesome! I figure that your size is a direct statement about the magnitude of your importance in her life. And I love the way you've been positioned in the centre. Makes being a mum worth it, eh? World revolves around you, babe :)


  2. Awwwww, how sweet! Loreth Ann White is right about the figure being in the middle and all. She see's you as the most important person in her world! Awwwwww!

  3. HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's wonderful.

  4. Mother has a picture like that framed in the den. Yes, I drew it in kindergarten. I think Loreth is right about size - oddly enough, I drew my brothers smaller than the cat. *gg* Actually, smaller than everybody else.

  5. phew--glad she didn't draw me as a midget ;-)

    I do love it and will get it framed :)

  6. BEAUTIFUL picture, Toni! She's an artiste, just like her mum. :)

    Funny how children's pictures are so universal. It's all about love and feeling those ties to the ones they do love.

    DH has a picture given to him years ago. In it is a family holding hands, the typical square house, clouds in the sky. This from a little girl in war torn Bosnia where landmines and gunfire were a daily part of her life. But still love and family prevailed in her thoughts.

    And hey! Doesn't Reitmans have a petite section? ;)

    Happy Canada Day!

  7. Wow, DD HAS got the flare for drawing - fantastic piccie. Go get it framed....

  8. What an adorable picture!

    I think I need to go shopping for RWA in Atlanta. Now if I can just convince hubby to loan me a few bucks...*grin*

  9. I love the eyes!!!

    Hubby doesn't know it yet but he bought me a ton of clothes last weekend.