Tuesday, July 25, 2006

How to disappear

I did an online course with this guy last year. Frank Ahearn, 'How to Disappear.' Laurie did it too. I wasn't thinking of leaving home, I was curious from a research/writing perspective.

This is for normal people like you and I, not government people with all those resources.
It seems quite simply really. Basically confuse everyone and then, don't return to your old habits. Frank puts it much better than that :) He's a lovely man--very willing to answer my endless questions and he was featured in an article in GQ last month. I have the mag somewhere but I think DH has run off to admire the suits (not).

Anyway, during the course I said, 'You know, it is a shame you're not going to the RWA National Conference in Reno.'
He said, 'Invite me and I'm there.'
Fortunately for the people going to Atlanta, the woman setting up workshops for this years RWA also took the course--and Frank is doing a workshop there this week.

Am I jealous?? You betcha.

I wonder what it would be like to actually drop off the map? Think anyone would notice?


  1. I'd notice!! You're not going anywhere, Pilgrim. ;)

    Sounds like a great course to take. Especially for those moments when the kids are extra clingy! ;)

  2. Well ... there'd be no blog posts for one :(

    And then the dogs and kids and DH would wonder where supper went ... and the plants would die ... and ... yep, I think we'd notice :)

  3. There have been several times in my life where I wished I didn't have anyone depending on me, that I could just disappear and start life in the fashion I most desire. The research you are doing is just fantastic. Your books are going to be so layered and realistic.

  4. Meretta, Loreth, shucks. :)

    Scott--I love research, the art is trying to get something you know something about into a story without overdoing it!! At least, that's what I think one of the secrets is.

  5. That's one of our family jokes. Hubby says he is going to disappear one night, lose himself in Vegas dealing blackjack and I'll never find him.

    I think all of us fantasize now and again about disappearing. But yes, we would notice. Its funny but when I notice a blogging buddy hasn't posted in awhile, I start emailing them.

  6. It *was* a great online course, wasn't it? I'd forgotten that Nationals was this week, as the kiddoes are at camp and this is my "holiday" anyway. Your disappearing character(s) will do well in your book, Toni, I know s/he will! And yeah, dh would notice in about 2 seconds when supper wasn't chugging away on the stove....

  7. Rene--I worry about people too. At least if your Dh went missing you would know where to find him LOL!

    Laurie enjoy the break!!