Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Industry

To buy a second hand book or not... literally, to be or not to be?? Link here via Loreth

Listening to Kirsty McColl. 'Guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis' and all that :) Did you know she died tragically in a waterskiing accident a couple of years ago? Very sad.


  1. I remember when Kristy McColl died, I think it was down in Mexico. As you said, very sad.

    I don't buy second hand books unless the book is out of print. However, I think it is a 50/50 situation because I know there are some readers who cannot afford the cover price of a new book. I remember when paperbacks were less than $4, now they are closer to $8 and I'm not talking about trade size.

  2. I buy second hand if I see something I really want and it is hard to get.

    But I think the point the guy was making was people who *only* buy second hand. I think most of us writers buy many brand new books, so the odd secondhand one is more likely to increase sales if I like that author. But some people never pay full price. That's bad.

  3. I buy second hand when I'm filling in a favourite author's back list. I never buy hardcover's because they take up too much shelf space and are too expensive. We usually wait for the paperbacks - which in Canada are a hefty $11 to $13 already. IMHO that's plenty to pay for a book. Who was Kristy McColl? The writer who was killed by her estranged husband?

  4. Sheesh! ignore my comment on Kristy - I didn't read your whole post...going too fast as usual. Got 5 pages written today though. :)

  5. TROPICAL BRAINSTORM is one of my favorite CDs ever. I was so sad when I found out how she died.

    As far as book buying goes: if I'm friendly with an author, I'll buy the book new (supporting fellow living authors and all that stuff). Many of my research books, however, I get second hand.

    I buy quite a few books per week, so everyone's making money.

    Plus, I love poking around second hand bookstores and finding all sorts of obscure and out of print books.