Monday, July 31, 2006

Late!!! Sorry :)

Argh. Busy weekend. DH and very very best buddy shingled part of the roof (a large dormer) Saturday and Sunday. Of course, when they took the old stuff off half the roof was rotten so they had to redo fasher and something else I forget the name of. And yesterday it was 35C and ******* hot. I thought they'd keel over and fall off. Poor babies.

We are eternally grateful Jim :)

They thought it would take 5-6 hours and it took two days. Oh did I mention the BBQ? The one we invited eight adults and five kids to? On Saturday? when DH is on the roof and I have the kids to look after, house to clean, food to buy, cook...??? I was Taz for the day and everything went wonderfully but it was bloody hard work.

Not as hard as roofing mind.

Then there was the packing for our trip. Five weeks in the UK and 2 weddings. Anyone who's been to the UK knows the weather can be anything from 30 C to 5 C and raining. So I have had to pack for all occassions. It needs tweaking. I have too much stuff but I have a 4 day period where I won't be able to do laundry and when you have sticky kids that can be a disaster, but this is the bit I like, the packing, as opposed to the air travel. However a direct flight, Winnipeg to Gatwick will be a new and hopefully lovely experience.

I'm up to my neck in details -- so not much blogging time. Sigh.


  1. OOOH, I am jealous. I would LOVE to have five weeks in the UK, especially with this heatwave we're in...

  2. They're having a heatwave too--never heard of AC in the UK. Can you imagine in all that traffic???

  3. That's right - we've been having a heatwave of our own. But it's been raining for 2 days. That'll be the rain dance I did on Saturday.

    So, when you coming over and where you going?

  4. Arrive Friday. 2 weeks in Shropshire, Up to Fife for 2 nights, across to Killearn 10 days, down to London 3 days, back to Shropshire for 3 days and fly back here :)

  5. LOVELY vacation plans, Toni! :D

    And thanks for sending Taz my way today (Tuesday). My house is cleaner and tidier than it's ever been. phew!