Sunday, July 16, 2006


All of a sudden my characters end up on Liberty Island? What's with that? Turns out my heroine went there every summer with the woman who raised her.

So I have found out a lot about the Statue of Liberty. Hopefully only a tiny bit goes into the book. So I'm sharing the research and spreading the love :)

Most people know it was a present from the French, celebrating the liberation of the Americans from the wretched British--and though I joke, Britain was no better than any other conquering nation in history.

The sculptor was Frederic Bartholdi and the engineer Gustave Eiffel (any guesses what else he is famous for?)

The Statue has 354 steps to the crown and the arm holding the torch was closed in 1916 because German collaborators blew up a wharf in NJ and several rivets popped. It was never reopened to the public.

The seven spikes on the diadem represent the seven continents and/or the seven oceans. 25 windows of the crown represent the natural minerals.

She's 150'2" high (not including the pedestal) and weighs about 225 tons and I have to say, she looks absolutely beautiful. I'd love to go visit.

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  1. So would I.

    Eiffel huh? Didn't he invent the Penis Enlargement Patch? LOL

    I had no idea that he had anything to do with The Statue of Liberty. The only name I knew was Bartholdi - so see, you taught this American something.

  2. Excellent information to pass along. Thanks, Toni.

    AND I have two words for you. RWA 2008. I think that's the year it heads to NY again.

    And am I the only tourist who has been to France and not seen the Eiffel Tower? One has to wonder.

  3. Well you can only see the Eiffel tower in Paris? You might have been the only visitor to Paris and not seen it LOL. But I'm sure lots of people have detoured Paris.

    Meretta--salivating at the thought of RWA NY...

  4. Anonymous7:00 pm

    That would be 2011, ladies -- RWA goes Dallas, San Fran, Washington DC, Nashville and then NY, I believe. If the link below is correct.

    PS ... I'm anonymous 'cause I'm not at my computer ... but is meeee ... Loreth :)

  5. Bum information Meretta!!! LOL. Well by 2011 I may be able to afford it LOL!!

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