Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Nail Polish

I walked into the bathroom the other day and faced a sight very few mothers should ever have to see.

My three and a half year old son holding his sister's make-up kit in one hand, his foot in the other and complaining, "I need more nail polish, mommy."


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  1. My nephew liked to wears his mothers shoes around the house. But he outgrew it. My youngest son likes to drop his drawers and pee on the lawn--like every five minutes.

  2. :) DS also likes to pee on the lawn. Isn't it sweet? Not!

    I am actually quite happy for him to go through a make-up thing. Why should girls get all the fun??

  3. Ha! That is hilarious! Of course, you took pictures for future blackmail, right? ;-)

  4. DOH! I knew I forgot something yesterday... note to self, Toni is chatting...

    What's more interesting is when you have NO daughters and your nail polish runs out... I don't car if it matches the color of their Hot Wheels!

  5. Oh Toni! You'll have to hide your stash now. :D

  6. Hahaha! My Daughter likes to dress my Son in her tiara, and while she puts on her makeup (for play, she's 11) he wants to know why he can't wear it! Same with nail polish. And the funny thing is I actually feel sorry for him!

  7. LOL my 3 year old son is the same way, if he sees me and my 7 year old daughter painting our toe nails, he throws the biggest fit because he wants it too LOL

  8. Melissa--I have so many photos of my son naked I think we are good :)

    Meretta--at least the kids stuff peels off!!

    Dennie-cars, of course!

    Brandy, Sandra, isn't it nice to know kids are the same the world over???

  9. Oh Toni - I forgot about the chat. I'm sorry. I came by this morning, but was in a hurry to get out of here and to the store and then things were kind of weird here when I got back, that it went completely out of my head - I always want to support you, and I'm just sick that I messed up. Forgive me?

  10. Lord no--what do you ever do for me? Except support and love and support and love?


    No worries, hon--but I am worried about you!!

  11. I didn't know about your chat because things have been crazy here and I'm behind in my blogging! Mea culpa, mea culpa! I'll bet it was great...my DS got a manicure at school from the cosmetology class, complete with nude sparkle nailpolish and he wouldn't let me take it off - I was NOT happy the teachers let a 16 yr old special needs boy get nailpolish put on him, but they said "that's why we used the nude sparkles" - except he SPARKLED all right! Argh!