Thursday, July 06, 2006


My postie told me off this morning. Not my regular postie, but a guy delivering a parcel.

I was in the back yard planting DH's tomato plant in the flowerbed because the leaves have gone all yellow and dry (despite of, or maybe because of, lots of water). The kids were in the house, moaning loudly for lunch and TV and basically being complete whiny mongrels. Anyway, I was hot and sweaty and my temper was a millimeter from breaking point.
So I'm filling the hole I'd dug with water before I plant this poor tommy out, and because the hose tap is in the front yard, the gate was open, dogs with me, hiding from the whiny kids.

Ben started to bark and ran towards the gate. I told him to stop and he did, just lay down. Then the postie gives me this big speech about how the gate should have been shut and no matter how friendly the dog they can still bite. Blah blah blah.

I know you have to be careful with dogs. I am completely anal about having the gate closed, more for the kids than the dogs. My dog was telling me there was someone on our property. That's what dogs do. He stopped immediately when I told him to--I was right there.

I know the guy was scared. I know dogs bite way too many postpeople, but I did not need a lecture on responsible dog ownership, thank you very much.

It ruined my day, took all the pleasure out of seeing my name in the first sales of the RWR. Took all the joy out of everything.

The only real happiness I experienced was France beating Portugal in the World Cup. Hah!! That'll learn ye (as DH says).

I have a very funny picture of Wayne Rooney and Christian Ronaldo that Deb sent me. Decided it was slightly too risque for you guys ;-)

Blade Hunter Progress:
21,390/80,000 words
106/320 pages (ish)


  1. I saw your name in the first sales. Congrats!

    Our dog had been escaping our fenced yard. Figured out how to paw open one of the gates. But, yeah, she's 100% a guard dog. We found her twice sitting on the porch to the side entrance guarding the house. The third time I heard her barking outside and went to investigate---and found her on the opposite side of the fence. When I called her back, she just looked at me as if to say, "Really, I have no idea how I got here but please, please, let me back in." I was lucky no one called authorities. Had to go and chain the gate door shut.

  2. Congrats with the RWR announcement, Toni!! I haven't got my copy yet, so am waiting :)

    Sorry the dog and postie incident ruined your day. Bet his was ruined, too, though. I've had enough hassles with dogs while running to be firmly in the postie camp on this one -- they worry me more than bears, coyotes and cougars combined. Yet I understand your POV totally, too. I really do, because I've been there.

    Best to just let it go methinks :) ... and to celebrate your milestones instead!!!! WTG, girl :) :)

  3. We had a stray puppy (big dog though) hanging around mine and my neighbors houses, but mostly on my neighbors front porch. Friendly little thing - and we were strangers. But the carrier wouldn't deliver mail to her house until the dog was gone.

    You do have to remember that the guy has no idea whether you have complete control over your dog or not. I've house sat dogs who I were told were friendly, met them, got my hand sniffed (with owner present) and nearly bitten off within a minute. And some people are very afraid of dogs, period. I understand fully your anger and disappointment. Breathe, let it go and celebrate that great news.

  4. I know how you feel, and I don't want to be a shitheel and add to your bad day. It's just that my father feels the same way about his dog, except his dog is a St. Bernard, and as docile as my father believes his little baby Huey, he really is just a bad day away from biting someones arm off. The dog bit my two year old, but apparently only gummed him, because if he was serious, I would only have one son today. Most dog owners, myself among them growing up, think the best of their dog, just like as parents we see only the beauty in our children (except when they piss us off). But to the outsider, they're just dogs, with teeth, that bite. I wasn't there, but it sounds like you were condescended, and that's wrong. I just feel a little understanding on his part. The man has to walk through a minefield of dogs every single day, and probably wishes it were legal to carry a gun.

  5. You know, I am the first to believe that dangerous dogs should be put down. This is a law in the UK. I believe dog owners should have their dogs under control at all times. If a dog attacks a person without provocation he should be destroyed.

    Mine isn't dangerous and he was under control, yes it was verbal control, but why train dogs if they are not expected to obey?

    I guess the guy didn't realize that I was even there and must be piss scared of dogs because my dog was still in the back garden--he never went through the open gate (that gate that the guy complained about), just scared the poor man with his bark. Postie was at the front door.

    Good. That is perfect. My dog was a perfect guard dog, alerting me to possible danger, but not attacking or biting anyone. Not even going close (we're talking twenty foot away).

    I am proud of my dog. He behaved so well. I'm annoyed that the one time I have the gate open and the one time I get a parcel coinside and the postie is a stranger.

    I hope my dog continues to bark at strangers, because my kids might need him one day.

    I am not disagreeing with the danger of dogs. Owners have to keep a constant vigil for these situations. Nobody should be attacked while going about their job. But I think posties have to prepared to be barked at.

  6. You should have told him your dog wouldn't have bit him, he ate the other postie yesterday - hehehe - but then again - I am a total smart alleck!

  7. :) Dennie.

    I still feel for the poor guy.

    My problem is I really do care about my dog AND my postie (even the strangers). I am so responsible it pisses DH off. So when I then get called irresponsible I get REALLY annoyed.

    I have a long fuse but when my temper lights it burns for days. I didn't take it out on anyone but myself I'll add. Not postie, not Benny, not the kids and not DH who positioned the hose and tap with the gate inbetween and thus ultimately being responsible for the event.

    I knew I could blame someone else eventually.

  8. Hey, I saw your name in the first sales, too, and I thought, I KNOW HER!!!

    Sorry about the postman being a jerk.

  9. Can't wait to read your name in the RWR, Toni! Congrats!

    :( on the post guy and difficult for you when you can see both sides of the story. Sometimes it pays to be oblivious even if it does mean being a jerk. Glad you're not though. :)

    And HA!!! to Portugal! I smiled when I heard the news. Just for you.

    And beautiful picture! Did you and Loreth coordinate? ;)

  10. Congrats on the first sale announcement!

    *hugs* on the jerk postman! I'm on your side. If he didn't even SEE the dog, what was his problem??? Geez.

  11. Tell the postie to hush and stop being a wimp. My hubby works for the electric company and got bit by a pet WOLF!

    Then he can moan a bit.

  12. Toni here is one for you that really puts postmen in perspective.
    The Royal Mail have withdrawn delivery from Ardmore ( you will remember that is where John Ridgeway of Atlantic rowing fame lives)in Sutherland on health and safety grounds because a releif postman slipped on the grassy path while making the one and half mile walk to the village. They have been delivering the mail to this village this way for over a hundred years and this is the first accident, a health and safety risk I ask you?. Posties appear to be the same the world over, mountains out of molehills.!!!
    Don't let the buggers get you down.

  13. Congrats, Toni on the RWR announcement! Yes, it's me - I'm home. Tired, bruised but not beaten. Next time you see that postie, maybe you should have a quiet word?

  14. Thanks for the congrats guys. :D

    Siobhan--you're back. Must see your blog to see how you are fairing! poor you!! I am not likely to see this guy again. The parcel carriers are seperate to regular mail and don't come at any specific time, just whenever. My normal postie is away on hols and I have another guy who's nice (handsome even :).

    Kendra--a wolf? Jeez, a retriever seems so wussy in comparison. Hope your DH was OK.

    Pop--??? For goodness sake that's the height of absurd!

    Ha ha ha ha Portugal out!! I am so mean :) I am really happy France is in the final though. A good team most of whom play in the English leagues (well lots if not most). I was disappointed for Germany. Not sure why :) Maybe becaise the Italians also like theatrics on the pitch? But those goals!! Last minute of the game. Wow.

  15. You dog, your yard, he behaves when you told him to. What was his problem again?

  16. Brandy--exactly.

    He was scared and reacted. I don't blame him for being worried, but I do blame him for getting on my back when the situation amounted to nothing.

  17. Hugs on the ruined day, but you're in the FIRST SALES!!! That's so great!

  18. Read your RWR announcement yesterday!!! Congrats!! Don't let the postie ruin your happiness!! On the other hand, I was bitten twice when I was a cop - dogs just don't like uniforms, and they're very territorial. Just last night at supper, our golden retriever went ballistic through our picket gate that DS had left open. I went out back, and her problem was that she didn't recognize DH getting off his new motorcycle, due to leather jacket, combat boots, sweaty flight suit, and helmet spooked her. She wouldn't have bit him, but she acted like an idiot - circling and barking as if she'd never seen him before! He had to get the helmet off and speak to her before she slunk back into the yard. And no, she's not senile :), just likely afraid of the bike and his leathery smell etc. Back to my two bites, one was a German Shepherd, and one was part Doberman, in the thigh. Neither required stitches, but it *hurts* to be bitten by a large dog and the bruises last forever.

    You're on a role with Triskelion, though, and are my inspiration, Toni! If I could only get my act together and keep things rolling as fast as you do - I'm still synopsizing/outlining. :)

  19. Mary, thanks :)

    Laurie--LOL--don't let me be your role model!! We all do what we can to write with our other lives in balance (or not LOL)

    Imagine the dog not recognizing DH! I have been bitten too. Hurts like a .... Still have scars to prove it though luckily it was only a small bite. Some dogs are not to be messed with. Police and posties obviously have a bad rap!

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