Monday, July 24, 2006


On the heels of my horror flick I decided to let you into the secret of things that freak me out.

Ten things that scare no particular order

1) Stupid horror movies
2) Big cats without the view of a fence
3) Spiders too close to me and insects--generally
4) The state of the environment--please go lobby for geothermal heating/cooling to be installed as the norm in new houses and put pressure on government for grants to retrofit older homes with geothermal.
5) Someone driving too fast with me in the car
6) Being followed
7) Grizzly bears
8) Being out of my depth in water without some sort of flotation device nearby
9) Gas cylinders (the main reason I quit diving)
10) The thought of my kids dying (number one horror scenario)

I had a weekend of busy-ness--hence no blogging or visiting, I will visit today though :)

  • Painted the front steps again, but DH helped me this year :)
  • Got my page count done (major love scene being written so that is always weird when the kids are around. Have to wait till they go to bed else I'll be writing about Franklin the turtle, or Little Bear half way through.
  • DS was sick again.
  • Went swimming a couple of times in the neighbors pool
  • DH and I helped the neighbors' housesitter get her car out of the ditch ??
  • Got my hair cut
  • Bought DS a shirt for the weddings and new trainers (First time he's ever gone into a shop and willingly taken off his old shoes. He grabbed these 'carz' ones and that was him, sorted)
  • DD had her feet measured but she hasn't grown, much to her disgust. We get by on 2 growth spurts a year for her generally. DS is now the same foot size and has a bigger head.
  • Bought new paint for vile pink hallway.
  • Cleaned both bathrooms
  • DH did tonnes of stuff too.
Everything is awesome.


  1. Gosh you've been busy. Just reading about it makes me feel exhausted. LOL!

  2. Phhhhhht, that's nothing. LOL

    I'll have to do that scary thing on my blog.

    Hi! I'm baaaaaaccccckkkk.

  3. I forgot to mention I'm helping design a new blog for RS authors too. And sprinkling the lawn. And... very budy LOL!!

    Eve/Bailey--welcome back!!

    Siobham I wish Charlie would come home!!

  4. Hey, I thought you'd already gone to the UK when you didn't answer my email! You *have* been busy though...and I saw that movie in the rental store and put it right back! Made me break out in a sweat just reading the back blurb....those kind of movies aren't for me...yuck. I'm grinding away on my WIP and still don't know if I've got any WOW factor going serial killers, just the heroine's satisfaction that she puts a corrupt cop away and comes to believe in herself again. Lots of action though. C'mon girls, is that enough in today's market? (needing some encouragement after a long days' writing)....sorry to comment so long, Toni....

  5. Never got the email Laurie.

    Fresh voice and memorable characters--isn't that what 'they' say are the ingredients of a best-seller???

  6. Oooh, that's an impressive "what I've done" list. Good for you!