Thursday, July 13, 2006


I am wondering if there could be a change in the law, where SPAMMERS who 'LOVE YOUR SITE' are brutally murdered by a romantic suspense author gone mad, but said RS author can plead temporary insanity in defense and serve zero time??? I could charter a UN resolution where SPAMMERS either stopped wasting other peoples' time or join a chain-gang? I mean, at least that would be something constructive.

All these secret shares out there--why does anybody assume I have money to spend on shares when there's a lawyer to pay?

I'd like to write back and put rude comments on their blogs--but none of the buggers allow comments.

What a world *rolls eyes*
I know I could put word verification on *sigh* I don't want to!!


  1. None of us wants to put word verification on, but it does save a lot of time and sometimes embarrassment - depending on the type of comment.

  2. sigh. So I just have to suck it up :)

    I'm pretty hard to embarrass, but maybe you're right!!

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  4. Spam - there's nothing funny about it ... btw, have you seen my neighbor's alarm clock?

    Ooooh, I love the lightning picture.

  5. I just have to wonder how junk mail spammers think they will get anywhere.

  6. maybe it means you're getting a lot of hits so it's coming to the attention of the spammer?!?!? yes, no?!?!?

    just trying to help =)

  7. Melissa--that was the point I failed to make LOL. What is the point???

    Dennie ha ha ha ha ha! I don't think so, but it is a nice idea :)

    Bailey--hmm, that alarm clock is a mystery LOL. I like the lightning picture too. I have a few, even one my talented niece took of lightning hitting the water of a lake in Switzerland. Can't post it though because it isn't mine LOL. I only steal WWW pictures and try to credit them. This was the weather centre somewhere I believe. Good job I have that nose for details huh?

  8. Why don't you get Haloscan? It's very easy to install and I can tell you I have had one piece of spam in the entire year I've had it.

    I don't get much spam. My email filters pretty good.

    I did get a great email with a wonderful opportunity. I mailed $10K to a guy in Nigeria and I'm going to get $110M reward. You don't think it was a scam do you?

  9. Rene--I just might.

    Re: the Nigerian. I even got the typed letter many years ago. Postal Spam!!

  10. LOVE your thunderstorm pic! We had three seperate storms come ripping through last night, leaving me with a crowning migraine and now that "hungover" feeling, if any of your bloggers ever get migraines...they'll know what I mean. I don't get spammers except in email because, I confess, I have word verification :( that's just paranoid little old me and I sure don't get as many hits as you do, and I'm likely not as creative and chatty as you, but whatever! No one's ever left me any penis.blogger messages either, Scott, lol!

  11. Laurie--hugs on the headaches!! Not nice!!

    Chatty :) Moany more like ;-)

    Regarding Scott--he's delusional. I'm sure he's just fine in that department. Nothing that a little viagra wouldn't cure. Funny enough I know just the place....

  12. PS. Maybe you all missed my little fiasco with Haloscan LOL. It wiped out ALL the old comments!! I'll put the verification on when I get around to it. When I'm not plotting murder (literally) and dripping into a pool of humidity.
    Or knee deep in very cranky kids. The only happy person in this place tonight is the dogs and they're wearing fur coats!!

  13. ROFL out loud, Scott. You might get some good hits off that one. ;)

    ((Toni)) on the spammers. Life goes along fine and then you're spammed. Better than viruses or trojans though!

  14. Meretta!!!!! Don't mention those words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Good luck sorting it out, Toni! I have a Wordpress system that blocks the spammers from my site. So far so good.

    And my computer techie said never mind the torjans and worms and viruses if you've got virus protection -- tt's the spyware you really gotta worry about these days. very sophisticated ... and you just have to have your computer on for it to sneak in. He removed some that had imbedded into dh's computer and was making the system move like a slug.

    The leaves behaving, then, Meretta ;)

  16. Torjans?? Oops. I kinda like the sound of them, though :)

  17. sheesh. I run Ad-aware nearly everyday. Occassionally Spybot. I have a really good anti-virus package that I update all the time and run every morning plus realtime.

    I added LockSpam Pro, though I don't know if it is working, LOL, everything was added to the junk folder earlier this evening.

    Seriously I'm in danger of being so filtered I should be nothing but isotonic H20. And still they find a way. Oh well, I'll get over it. Maybe.

  18. yeah, I noticed the tts too. I want whatever she's drinking. *gg*