Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wolf creek

OMG. Just watched this and I never watch horror movies because I am a sucky coward. This was all chillingly real. It is about a serial killer in Australia. I'm writing about a serial killer right, so I thought, 'watch the damn movie chicken' but now I know it was a mistake and I will stick to when Harry met Sally because gritty TV is too much. I like dark romance, but I have found my limit and if I don't get my happily-ever-after I just hate it!

By the way. My kids are never going backpacking, never leaving home for that matter.

Enough said.


  1. Oooh, I remember the real life news stories about this. Sicko stuff.

    But I love these kinds of movies -- even if they freak me out. Wonder what that says about me, huh? and there I am such a peace-loving soul :) The horror one's with monsters etc don't usually do it for me, though -- just can't suspend enough disbelief to get scared with those. In general.

    LOL on the poor kids!!!!!

  2. I was thinking the same. Monsters don't frighten me--people do!!!

  3. Want to laugh yourself silly, or just wonder who makes this stuff up? Watch Scarey Movie, one of those stupid knock-off of a horror movie.

  4. I agree. The real monsters in the world are these kinds of people. And it's so very frightening, because some of them are extremely capable and clever at hiding their true selves.

    Shudder. I don't think I'll watch this. At least not alone. I never watch scary stuff alone. That's just asking for trouble!

    BTW, I like your footprints, Toni. Forgot to mention it the other day on my blog. :)

  5. Can't watch these kinds of movies. I'm a total wuss.