Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hell's Kitchen

I love this program. Like many good exports this was a BBC Baby. The last one I saw in the UK involved a bunch of fading celebs including Edwina Currie. Now Edwina Currie is a former MP and cabinet minister from the Thatcher era. In the third installment of her diaries, she revealed she'd had a four year affair with then Prime Minister John Major (our dullest PM ever). They are both married to other people.

She only revealed the secret after John wrote his memoirs and failed to include a chapter on closet quickies.

Anyway, Gordon Ramsey and Edwina did NOT get along. I can't remember the exact details but after one vicious row, Gordon turned around and said 'can't believe he ***ked you.' Or words to that effect. It was riveting TV. We were all glued to the box :)

Gordon's a foul mouth perfectionist and I love him to bits--it doesn't hurt he looks very like my b-i-l David, and David in turn looks very like my hubby.

Funny huh??
Oh--and he used to play professional football for Rangers until an injury forced him to rethink his career. Cool :)

And BIG NEWS :) myself and seven other romantic suspense authors have set up a blog for RS fans. I'm blogging tomorrow and we are holding monthly contests--wippeee :)

Go visit Killer Passion if you get chance :)


  1. I've never seen it, but it sounds funny. I have to cut down on my TV watching this season, so I won't be adding this one.

    I'll try to stop by the new blog.

  2. LOL ... just like it says in that photo -- So British. Gotta love it.

    Happy packing, Toni.

  3. I love Gordon. He is the model for a hero I have planned for a historical. It is the first time I've actually used a person for a model. Its funny, he can be so horrible to the contestants during the cooking sections but so charming when they do something else. Just love him.

    Okay, John Major just not the kind of guy I'd go out on my husband for. He's so...boring.

  4. His latest programme "The F Word" (I wonder why they call it that?) is a lot tamer. Not so good IMO. Have a great holiday, Toni!

  5. Sorry, I've been living under an American rock, and have no idea about any of this. It sounds like good stuff though. The British, ostensibly more proper, are way more open than we are.

  6. Scott, I do believe we are :D

    Rene--she'd not much to write home about either.

    Have a lovely day :) Siobhan, I haven't seen the F word. Wonder if Fox will pick it up???

  7. One of my co-workers is British and absolutely LOVES this show.

  8. Killer's Passion - verrry cool, Toni, no wonder I never hear from you anymore! :) Don't watch Hell's Kitchen as I don't like cooking shows - prefer Cdn Idol and Rock Star Supernova, Last Comic Standing etc. That one was a UK import, wasn't it? Anyway, I stand in awe of your career taking off so quickly....you're doing super! Have a great time at your weddings :)

  9. I hardly get the TV with school out - and then the DH gets home and he gets it - I am ususaly so tired by the time he comes home it doesn't matter... but school starts in EIGHT DAYS so I WILL catch up hehehe

  10. That looks like a good show, Toni. I'll have to peruse my channels and see if we get it!

  11. LOL--it isn'r a cooking show. It is reality TV about running a kitchen. Not the same thing at all :D

    Now shoot me down if I am wrong but I'm pretty sure the whole *Idol* thing started in the UK too. Pop Idol we call it over there. Or maybe Simon began the concept in the states. Not sure :) but pretty sure the British invaded again without anyone knowing.

    Dennie--I can't believe school starts again so soon, you must be so excited!!!

  12. Idol was British, as was All in the Family, Sanford and Son, The Office ... I think the colonies crept in and has been taking your stuff when y'all weren't looking. We know you're there. If you'd look at the comments it was the Canadian that was confused. LOL

    (shhhh, this is supposed to be writing time.)

    When do you leave (you've probably said, but I've been a bit scarce you know *g*)

  13. oH MUH! We watch this too!