Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Powys Castle

On Sunday we ventured over the border once again to Powys Castle, home to the Earl of Powys funnily enough and run by the National Trust.

It was lovely :)

All the way there my son kept saying, 'We going to a castle?'

And I kept saying 'Yes.'

'There going to be a dragon?'

And I kept saying 'Yes.'

And hoping :)

The gardens were just lovely and well worth the entry fee--and then of course we had tea and scones :) Yum.

This is full of grapes hanging down--there's a word for it that I've forgotten.

This is an enormous hedge that has been sculpted by man but looks more like a rock formation sculpted by the wind than a plant. The doorway is about six foot high--a tangled adventure inside.

The whole garden was absolutely beautiful with apple and pear trees (which I am sorry to say, my kids did attack and use the fruit as weapons--I don't think any passersby were injured...)

And the reason I went there? To meet up with my very good friend Alex, who was visiting her dad just over the border. I'm not short--she's just very tall ;-)

See--my grandad is six foot tall :) A real trooper he pushed the stroller for the afternoon.

And look what we found--can you tell what it is?? So my son was finally happy :)


  1. Wow, the castle was beautiful. Glad your Son was able to see a dragon.

  2. Okay, its August and you are wearing a coat. What's with that? I was watching a travel show on Edinburgh and it was August and everyone was dressing like it was November! Yikes.

    Anyway, lovely pictures. So green. Love the castles. I'd love to go just to see the old castles and such, but I don't think it would be particularly relaxing. I'm a sightseeing commando.

  3. Lookin' good, kiddo!! :). But yes, what's with the temperatures? Does it fluctuate like crazy? Guess it's a bit like my home -- can get extremely hot, hot, hot weather, but the base temp when the sun goes is always cool.


  4. It is bloddy freezing. So much for the heat wave everyone was moaning about! Dh has to pack me an extra sweater to bring over. Brrr!!!!

    Normal British weather--can do everything in the same day :)

  5. Rene - it's a bit like that here today too. Brr. But we WERE having a heatwave ...

    Great pics, Toni. Looks like you're having a great time. When does DH join you?

  6. Wow so good to see you both nearly missed Alex in the first picture

  7. That's it, I'm packing my bags and leaving on the morrow. Wonderful.

  8. Looks like great fun - and a dragon too, but I'm more interested in the temperature. Bliss.

  9. Beautiful grounds and you look positively radiant standing with your Grandad! So nice to see you!

  10. Sigh...I wish I was there with you! It looks like an absolutely wonderful, lovely time.

  11. Kb--I've forgotten your telephone number--can you email me please???

    Diane--I went out and bought new jammies--mine were too cold!! DH flies on Thursday night. Can't wait :)

    Wish you were all here too :D

  12. Great photos! WOW! Wish I was there.