Friday, August 11, 2006

Wales revisited

Wales was lovely as ever. The weather was great the first two days and got a little cool with a northwesterly wind on Wednesday. I spent a lot of time dashing into the Irish Sea after DS, playing for awhile, getting cozy warm again back on the beach and dashing back into the sea after DS. Both of my children did/do this--just head for the horizon and keep going literally until their heads are underwater? They get their fearless adventure spirit from DH's side of the family :)

We saw lots of sheep, slate and black hills. I caught many tiny fish in the big rockpools on the beach. Imagine being a recently hatched sculpin and hanging out in the pool, only to be dug out of crevices twenty times a day by curious kids (and me). A good spot to look at habituation of stress responses in fish :)

This was my first beach so I guess those were the rockpools that put me on my way to my Marine Biology degree. It was nice to revisit them after a long absence.

Can you see how they build walls? Slabs of slate that are slick and slippery when wet. That's what they make roof tiles out of too--very expensive, but last for years and years.

And the Welsh language is alive and well and completely unpronouncable. Don't even try it without years of tuition from an expert :)
Will try and visit you soon!!! Missing you. Missing DH!!


  1. A good spot to look at habituation of stress responses in fish

    I'm so glad you told me because I just can't find enough good spots to check that out :)

    Sounds like a wonderful time. I'd love to go. It would be cheaper for hubby and me to go to the UK than to Hawaii this fall...but I think we're going back to Hawaii. Actually, we're going twice, once with the kids, once by ourselves.

  2. Rene--Hawaii would win over Wales, believe me. Unless you're addicted to going down mines, then it would probably be better to go to Wales ;)

    DH will appreciate the stress thing. His expertise :D

  3. Rene - LMAO

    I'm glad you're having fun. Miss you!!!!!

  4. Miss you too Bailey!!!!

  5. Glad you're finding your "inner child" along with your two real kiddoes. :) Love the pics! Wish I could go back to Scotland but can't imagine a time that'll happen (yes, I know you're in Wales, I'm not an idiot, but Scotland is the closest I've been to the UK). Thank goodness you weren't in any airports yesterday.
    Miss you too and your pithy blog writing!

  6. pretty!!!

    DH! Toni misses you.

  7. Hi Laurie. I know you know the difference :)

    Kendra--I do :)

  8. Thanks Marty--if you click on them they look better :)

  9. I really, REALLY want to go to England sometime in the very near future. If only the finances would cooperate!

  10. Glad you're having a great time. I love that ruggedness of Wales, especially the dark slate areas.

    My Canadian sister in law once assured me that fish don't suffer pain or stress. I pointed out they gulp for air for at least a few moments while out of water, and surely that must stress them a bit. She conceded. But they still fish.

  11. Lovely pics - feel I could fill up the car and head off to Wales tomorrow myself. Love the footprints in the sand picture, is that new or am I not being very observant.

  12. Melissa--I'm crossing my fingers for you--although debt is how I got here LOL!

    Diane--well I could point you to the papers and textbooks on stress of fish but I don't want to BORE you :D

    Deb--IT's a few weeks old. I can't believe you are just up the road :) And Wales is always a beautiful place to visit. Might go back tomorrow to catch up with a friend, but just across the border, not the coast.

  13. From someone who has never left the U.S., it looks absolutely lovely.

  14. Wales sounds lovely. Scotland....
    How's this? Just back from a walk up the farm track and over the moors. Loch Lomond and the surrounding mountains absolutely fab!Even the Cobler's antler stood out. Blue sky, darker blue water , purple heather , and the only sound the buzzing of the bees....heavenly!

  15. Mini--that is why I love Scotland :)