Thursday, August 03, 2006


OK--I just read the first book in this trilogy (Warsworn being the second in the series that I blogged about a few weeks ago). I often do things backwards, like eat dessert first, but it didn't dent my admiration for this writer.


I'm still in love with Elizabeth Vaughn. Can't wait for the third book (2007) boohoohoo!!!

Great storytelling and wonderful characters and a big sweeping love story. Love it. Love it. Love it.

But--I did find a review that totally slated it, and that reminded me not to take too much notice if someone doesn't love your story--you write for the people who click with you. We're all different and this book is GREAT!!!

I fly tonight. Wish me luck. Fingers crossed I'll blog about my journey tomorrow. I hope it is the most boring blog ever.


  1. Many hugs and travel well! Check in often!!

  2. If it isn't boring, at least you made it to a computer to blog about it!

  3. Oh, my heart is with you on your flight. I hate flying too and I think I have two long flights ahead of me this fall. Luckily one is to Hawaii and the other is either Bermuda or Hawaii, we haven't decided.

  4. Gook luck traveling with the little ones! Btw, where can you buy Vaughn's books again? :)

  5. Arrived safely, not much time to blog but hope you guys are all well!!!!

    Miss you :D

  6. Rene--ugh!! Good luck!!

    Laurie, McNally Robinson, Amazon, Chapters, I know sell them.

    She emailed me--such a nice lady!!